What kind of Mistakes Make Affiliate Marketer in 2020

What kind of Mistakes Make Affiliate Marketer in 2020

Affiliate Marketing is a way to earn money without hard work and Investment. but many mistakes made by Affiliate Marketer in 2020 so I will show to here what kind of mistakes make Affiliate Marketer

So you can try to bring the solution to their type of mistakes and you should avoid them.

Many people don’t know that where they doing mistakes but don’t worry

Here I will show you what kind of mistakes make Affiliate Marketer and how to solve it.

  1. They can not Focus on Niche
  2. Wrong Products Promote
  3. Target on High Competitive Keywords
  4. Bad UX or Web Design
  5. Unhelpful and Unrelevent Content
  6. Bed Analytics Knowledge
  7. Don’t use Funnel

1. They can not Focus on Niche

The first type Mistack make Affiliate Marketer is They can not Focus on Niche

Most successful Affiliate Marketer in the world focus on one Niche and they work on it.

Niche is a specialized area where if you have any specialization in any kind of products, you can promote it well-done.

So you should know what kind of skills and specialization you have so you can work for making a strong in it.

You should avoid them and first, you should recatch to find your Niche.

They can not Focus on Niche
They can not Focus on Niche

2. Promoting Wrong Products

If you are an affiliate marketer, You should promote other people’s or program’s products for making a sell and earn Passive Income.

Yes, affiliate marketing is a way to get passive income. but most of peoples make a common mistake.

There is they promote wrong products such as they can’t know about what is these products, how it can use, and What is their benefits?

Without know this info they promoting it on Social Media, Their website by content and many places.

So I tell you back that you should focus on your niche and then after you should promote your products.

3. Target on High Competitive Keywords

If your site is new and you haven’t any backlinks and domain authority, there is very difficult to rank on google for you.

You should try to see what is your keyword difficulty. If your keyword difficulty is low, there is a chance to rank first on google. There are many free keyword research tool to find your keyword.

  1. Ubbersuggest
  2. Windstream
  3. SEMrush

Find to low difficulty keyword then after writing quality content on this keyword. and put your Affiliate link on the purchase button. So you should try this importation.

You should read this article that How to earn money from blogging

4. Bad UX or Web Design

I said one thing that will be no one said you.

You should make your site mobile responsive and make beautiful sites as user’s points of view.

Many people open your site on their mobile phones. if your site is not mobile-friendly, the user will bounce on your site so you will lose your one customer.

You should consider these things like to keep a bad and poor design website. only make it simple.

Most marketers make this mistake but now you should avoid it.

Bad UX or Web Design
Bad UX or Web Design

5. Unhelpful and Unrelevent Content

One typical mistake affiliate marketer make is that they forget to provide to users regular, high-quality content,

That is what kind of mistakes make Affiliate Marketer.

Content is the king. but this thing many marketers can’t know so they have to tolerate loss.

If you did not provide to your audience information about your products, they seem this is ford site and they can bounce on your site.

So you should consider that you keep your product-related content and articles.

6. Bed Analytics Knowledge

If you have not to google analytics knowledge or you don’t know what is analytics, you will not become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

You should know about everything of your users like,
Your users’ interest
Language and more.
If you understand google analytics, you easily understand what should you do, what kind of product you should promote and why you do this.

7. Don’t Use Funnel

If you are new in the Affiliate Marketing stream, you should use a funnel.

Basically funnel is a single page that can provide the high conversion. Most affiliate marketers use a funnel for promoting their products.

If you have not money to buy funnel, You should try to make your website like a funnel.


There are showed you few and common mistakes that Affiliate Marketer makes. so you can avoid it.

You should use the funnel to promote your affiliate products. because without funnel you can not grow your business (for new users).

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