what is slug in wordpress

What is Slug in WordPress: Unique Guide

In this Ultimate guide, I will explain to you about What is slug in WordPress. And how you can edit and set them.

I will cover all the topics that can help you to get more traffic.

If you want to rank higher in Google and get traffic, you should decrease your bounce rate, and if you want, read more.

Let’s understand it.

What is Slug in WordPress (URL)

A slug is the part of an On-page SEO and it also part of URL and permalink. Which knows a particular page on a website in an easy to read for both users and search engine.

In Short and easy, users and the search engine can understand by a slug, which content is about.

Slug is nothing but if you want to you post to rank high on google, you should do a perfact on-page SEO.

If you want to do and learn On-page SEO, read this article.

What is Post Slug

Post Sug is nothing but when you write any topic related post, you have to put a slug to identify your post and explain for users and search engines.

You can also set and edit your slug while writing your post. If you want to edit your slug, you should also install the Yoast SEO plugin.

Why slug is important for SEO

I also said first, the slug is very important for ON-page SEO. If you want your post will be SEO friendly, you should write short of your slug.

Google said a short URL is also a ranking factor so make it shorter and easier. For example, if you write what is a slug in WordPress, you should write slug-in-WordPress. Because What is there are stop words and it is not required to add in your post slug.

I hope you understood that what is a slug in SEO and Why slug is important for SEO.

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How to set Slug in WordPress

How to set Post slug in WordPress

First, you would have to log in to your WP-Admin and go to your setting, then go to permalink in the setting.

Then scroll down and you will see permalink setting. So you can add your slug whatever you want like you can set your day and time, category and post name in your slug or URL.

You should add post name in your slug because the post name makes your slug short.

How to Set Category Slug in WordPress 

If you are a blogger and businessman and you have a website, you also have to keep different categories.  

For example, if you have bussiness cloths and sell different types of cloths, you should keep different categories like saree, Kurta, Gen’s cloths, Childrenswear, etc.

But you may have been thinking how to set categories slug in WordPress. Don’t worry I will explain it to you.

First, go to the post section and then go into the categories section. You should add a new category whatever you want. 

Set Categories Slug in WordPress
Set Categories Slug in WordPress

Then go to the menu section and add a new category in the menu which you create and then save it. 

How to Set Page Slug in WordPress

If you have a website, you should create more pages like Home page, contact page, and About us page.

Don’t worry go to the Pages section and go to add a new section. then create a new page whatever you want to create. Then go to the menu section under Appearance in WordPress.

After going to the menu section, add a new page that you created.


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