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What is Pogo Sticking? – The Ultimate Guide

Do you know what is Pogo sticking?

If your answer is no, do not worry, this guide is made about Pogo sticking.

You will know in this guide such as,

  • What is pogo stick
  • Need for it
  • Does it affect SEO
  • When it could be
  • Boost your SEO
  • And lots more

At the end of this guide you would learn to boost your ranking.

Let’s start and learn from the basics.

1. What is Pogo Sticking

Pogo sticking is when users type their queries on search engines, they see lots of results on SERP. If they click on any result but don’t find their answer, they’ll bounce from there and then click on the second result without changing the query.    

That is called basically Pogo sticking in SEO.

In other words, Pogo sticking is when users visit several different search results in order to get the best result that provides an answer on that particular query.

They click on the first result but it is not that page, which users want to look or visit.

So they come back to SERPs and again click on the second or third result without changing the keyword.  

If lots of people will do pogo sticking, it tells Google that this result is not satisfying for the user so google will down their ranking.

This is the definition of it.

Why you need to know about Pogo sticking

If you are doing SEO on your own site or your client’s website, you need to know basic knowledge about pogo sticking.

It can affect your SEO ranking indirectly or diractly. Pogo sticking is a strong sign that your user isn’t satisfied from your site.

So it is the most important problem that may be for you. And now you have to solve that issue as fast as soon.

Don’t worry, I will give you some best practice that will help you a lot.

How to stop to be happen Pogo sticking

Here i am going to give you some proven best strategies and practices to prevent to be Pogo sticking on search result.

Let me show you.

1. Add more Internal Links

When it comes to seo, all of you know how internal links can help you to boost up your ranking and stay your users in your site as long as well.

Now you are thinking about how internal links will save you to be the hunt of pogo sticking.

When you write an article on any particular topic, sprinkle related internal links on that article or blog post.

For example, if you are writing an article on digital marketing, you should write long and in-depth content if possible, and then you should add links like SEO, affiliate marketing, or whatever you wrote on that related topic.

Because a long or in- depth article is a strong ranking factor of google update and another benefit is your audience stays for a long time on your website.

And when you spread your internal link in that post, the user also gets more information and it is a positive point for your site in google’s eye.

Here you can see an example of Wikipedia.

add more internal links
add more internal links

As a result, the audience spends most of the time on your site and on different pages. Hence you can prevent being a pogo sticking in SEO.

Don’t forget about it and now move to the second point.

2. Keep typography attractive

Great typography is not the ranking factor yet it is helpful to stay with your users on your site for an as long time and it’s a force to users to read more.

SEO is not just getting more traffic but to earn the trust of users and it told users to come again on your site.

Don’t worry, your content is awesome but when users come on your site and they see your typography isn’t readable for them, they will bounce from your site and click on another result. Hence, your site’s typography is the reason to pogo sticking.

Here you can see other’s website typography. 

other people website typography
other people website typography

Look our on my website.

my website typography
my website typography

It’s my website’s typography. It is completely readable and big fonts so my users read this easily.

In fact only my website typography have increased my conversion rate.

3. Add images, videos and infographics

All of you, even me, like to watch videos or images on any book, website or any platform.

Without seeing images and videos in book or website content we are gonna get bored so infographics and images are so important for grabbing users’ attention and preventing them from getting bored.

If you ever heard the name of brien dean the founder of backlinko, their all blog post would have above 100 images.

In fact having lots of images and videos are powerful signals to rank on Google SERPs.

Even Neil Patel said in their one blog post that infographics are the most important thing to satisfy users and get lots of traffic.

I hope you understood how we prevent users from making pogo-sticking, so now you should focus on making attractive images and creating great content.

4. Include a table of content

When you have come on my site, you would see that one box including all the main topics on this post.

include table of content - pogo sticking
include table of content

Having a table of content is google’s one ranking factor from 200 factors. 

Benefits of having table content-box

  • Google can fast crawl on your site
  • Users easily understand your website’s content
  • Your users can reach on that point what he wants fastly
  • Reduce your site’s bounce rate
  • Lots more

If you are wordpress user or your site is on wordpress, you can easily make your any post’s table of content.

You have to install one WordPress plugin called the table of content. It is easy to install and set up it.

5. Keep FAQs on  your page

FAQs stand for frequently asked questions and it’s also called Q&A. You also watched when you type your query on the search bar, google show you below the answer box called people also ask.

Where you can find out your answer’s query easily, I will recommend that you should write some FAQs question and answer so people easily get their answer in a short sentence.

I also mention some FAQ questions in this post just simply scroll down this page and get some answers to your question about Pogo sticking.

6. Improve your site’s speed

Wherever you go, the site’s speed will never leave you. Your website speed can affect your SEO score indirectly.

So find out what’s the site’s speed and if your site loads for more than 4 second, you should optimize your website.

This guide will help you to improve your site speed.

For example, site speed is when you go on any website and if it loads much like more than 20 seconds, you will become angry and bounce on that website.

As a result, that website gets lost ranking so that way you should focus on improving your website site speed.

More resources:- Blogging vs YouTube

Look out some other point

Does pogo sticking is a ranking factor?

When it comes to ranking factor, pogo sticking is not ranking factor on google. 

Google’s John Mueller has said that a user’s behavior is known as a pogo sticking but it is not a signal when it comes to ranking on search results.

So feel free, but you have constraints that it should not be.

Difference between bounce rate and pogo sticking

When users come on your site and accurately exit your site, this report comes as a bounce rate in analytics. When users visit your site but without changing their query they visit another page on SERPs, this is called pogo sticking.

Bounce rate defines the number of users who come on your site and pogo sticking is when a user types  keywords on the search bar, clicks on a

result, and suddenly clicks back to the search result page, and clicks on a second result.

That’s the difference between both.

How to prevent it

  1. Give your users some free things like PDF or ebook.
  2. Add more internal links 
  3. Keep your site’s structure attractive
  4. Avoid adding more ads

I hope you completely have understood what pogo stocking is and how it works.

Now it’s your turn and you should implement these strategies in your blog post or website if you want more traffic.

So go ahead and go to work.

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