What is Personal Branding Build a strong personal branding

What is Personal Branding: Build a strong personal branding

What is personal branding and how is it important. that question you may be thinking.

Don’t worry here I will show you that whole the question about personal branding.

First, I want to tell you about personal branding.

What is Personal Branding

Personal Brand is nothing but it is how you can prove and promote yourself.

personal Branding is the unique combination of your skills, experience, and your personality that you want the whole world can see in you.

You can use your personal brand to become different from others. You can use your personal brand in your bussiness. Until you don’t create your personal branding, people won’t know you.

If you have any skill that skill, not any people have, you can connect your skill to your bussiness.

If you have any special skills, people follow you and you can make your personal branding. people search for you on any platform like google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

people only follow them, who has any information or skill, if you have it, you can do.

You can improve your brand organically like social media platforms and other offline events and contests.

Why Personal Branding is important

I explained about what is personal branding but now I will explain to you about Why Personal Branding important

If you want to become a highly paid digital influencer and want people to know about you, you should make strong personal branding.

Your personal branding can become an important factor for your bussiness. present time personal branding is becoming the most popular word. Most of the people who have their own personal brand, they use it to making money.

For example, they sponsored other businessmen’s products, they promote other’s products. You can also do it.

Personal branding gives you the opportunity to highlight your powers and your passions.

It helps people to believe in you. and it ensures to people, you are no problem for them.

If you make your own personal brand, people can not forget you. many people have made their brand and today they are most popular between us.

You can make your personal rand many platforms. If you want to make your personal branding on Instagram, read this article.

Example of Personal Branding

I hope you better understand what is your personal branding and why is it important.

Here I will show you some the example of branding. That you will learn all the things.

1. Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is an entrepreneur, digital marketing expert, author, speaker. He is born from Chennai.

Sorav Jain started his successful career at the age of 17 as an SEO executive and carries about 10 years of Industry experience.

He brings million of traffic on his website. Sorav is the biggest marketer of India

They teach us how to increase our individual branding and make money through personal branding.

Sorav Jain is the founder of echoVME, a digital marketing agency based out of Chennai.

sorav jain
sorav jain

He has listed as Top of the Social Media Marketers under the age of 30 by Social Samosa,

Global Youth Marketing Forum has awarded him as ‘Top 25 Social Media Specialists of India‘.

Sorav has trained more than 100,00 professionals in the marketing field of Digital Marketing and Personal Branding,

If you are Indian and learn how to increase personal branding, you should follow on Instagram.

Sorav Jain has 89.1 thousand followers and his account is verified. He is a digital influencer and he teaches us how to make our personal branding by social media.

2. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a digital marketing and SEO expert whose face is all over the internet. He teaches how to do marketing online.

He is co-founder of Neil Patel digital New York Times bestselling author

Top 100 entrepreneur under 30 by Obama

Top 10 marketer by Forbes

He has founded multiple companies that provide services to online marketers and companies needing marketing support.

He is founded Ubbersuggest that helps a lot of SEO experts and marketers. Every month 7.70 million traffic on Neil Patel website.

You should follow him on Instagram. he is teaching us how to make personal branding by SEO.

If you want to make online money, you should take Neil’s tips and strategy for SEO.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder of VaynerX, a modern-day media, and communications including the company.

He is CEO of VaynerMedia, it provides full-service advertising business maintaining Fortune 100 clients across the company’s 5 places.

Gary’s story started with hard work and moreover action leading him to success.

Gary and his family left for the US from Belarus in 1978. And Lived with 8 family members in a studio apartment in Queens, New York.

Gary Vaynerchuk teaches us how to become an influencer through social media, Gary’s story has started with hard work and dedication leading him to success.

Gary V gives some tips to become a millionaire to become the age of 30. If you want to be, read this article.

Gary represents authenticity and self-confidence. From creating content on platforms like YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and now also from TikTok.

You should follow them on every platform. because he is the father of an entrepreneur.

4. Peng Joon

Peng Joon is known as the authority on how to make great money online and how to earn passive income online.

He is a great own branding example. If you want to you can also read about him.

In less than 7 years, he has created an 8 figure business through his websites.

Over the times, Peng Joon has developed his 5 step system that has helped thousands monetize their passion, and earn passive income online and live the dot com lifestyle.

His system has been generally considered as the most strategic and innovative way of developing an online union.

As one of the most demanded speakers in the world, Peng Joon has shared the stage with biggest and great authors like Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki and many other thought leaders of this era.

Peng Joon’s ultimate strategy is building a funnel. He invests lots of money in click funnel company so he won the award.

Peng Joon earns money to sell his products by using the funnel. and he earns and builds own popularity.

So you should follow them. if you want to make personal branding.

5. Digital Pratik

Digital Pratik is 31 years old, his smile is very cute, Virtual Digital Consultant listed as India’s leading digital marketing and personal brand expert

He is Social Media and digital Influencer on social media platform s like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, Keynote Speaker, and he is also a hardcore social media communicator.

He helps you to be more effective with your personal brand and marketing strategy.

Digital Pratik’s famous dialogue is only Learn, Apply and then after Share your knowledge.

Pratik teaches us to learn, apply and share about digital marketing, personal brand, and motivation, Over these past 8 years.

Personal Branding Strategy and Tips

1. Make Social Media Account

Present time social media has become the most growing and helpful strategy for marketers.

Because social media like Facebook have 2.97 billion active users. Instagram has 1 billion users and youtube has a billion active users. So social media is the first strategy and tips for making personal branding.

You will saw many marketers’ daily posts on Instagram, Facebook, and youtube. So they have more personal branding.

First, if you want to improve your personal branding, you should make a social media account and post on it.

You should decide on a perfact niche and work on it. You should give your skill-based knowledge to your users and followers so they follow you.
Without any social media account and followers, you can not grow in your field. Many marketers said social media is most important for build audience and personal branding.

2. Collaboration

Collaboration is the most important factor in the world. Wherever and whatever you do work but without collaboration, you can not grow.

If you are an expert in any skill, you should collaborate with other people, and you can learn more arts.

You can do work with other people and make your personal branding. More examples see like Neil Patel and Brien Deen, Rusell Bronson and Peng Joon.

There are some successful marketers, who collaborate with other experts and improve their personal branding.

3. Events and Webinar

Event is an offline activity and Webinar is an online activity, but both are amazing strategies for marketing and branding.

Most businessmen and marketers use Zoom for online conferences. Many marketers use the webinar to make their popularity.

If you want to grow and earn money online, webinars and events are the most growing and helpful strategies.

In the webinar, you can do an online meeting and collect more people, then you can explain about niche-related topics and after you can sell your digital products.

Each time most of the marketer accepts this tip and strategy for sell their products like video, ebook and more.

Final Word about Personal Branding Strategy and Tips

These are some tips to make your high and self personal brand. You can build your online community through these tips.

If you make social media account and share valuable content in it, you can make a large community.

I hope you learned all the things about personal branding.

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