How can Promote your Products without Article

How can Promote your Products without Article

You want to promote your products or your affiliate products, but you don’t know how can I promote products without Article.

If you do affiliate marketing and want to promote your affiliate products so you have to create your website then after you should write most SEO friendly articles and blog posts.

There are most expansive and boring such as create a website, write blogs, and beat your competitor and then rank high on Google Search engine result page.

But don’t worry here I will explain to you and give some ideas to promote your products without articles. Let’s start here.

  1. Social Media Group
  2. Create a Youtube Channel
  3. Share on WhatsApp
  4. Sell Online Video
  5. Create Ads
How can Promote your Products without Article
How can Promote your Products without Article

1. Social Media Group

Social Media is the most powerful way to promote your products at a lower cost.

Facebook is the most using and growing site to grow your business without doing any hard work and more investment.

There are lots of ways to promote your products on Facebook by Facebook Ads, Instant articles.

But you want to promote your products without articles right.

Ok, first you should make your social media group, if you do it, there is a chance to sell your products.

Social media groups like Facebook Twitter and Instagram. There are the most powerful and popular social media platforms.

If you have 100 members in your group, there is a chance to buy your products from 100 to 20.

If you have more and the largest social media group, you can think you have not to need to create your own website and create or write any blogs.

Most of the affiliate marketers and digital marketers accept this method to promote their products and sell products.

I highly recommended you do this method because most of your users and audience spend most of the time on social media.

At this time Instagram is a more successful platform for you and your business.

2. Create a Youtube Channel

I think you should do this. because most of the users spend their time around a minimum of 2 hours sped their time on youtube.

The whole world and your targeted audience solve for their query come on youtube. if you create and make your products related video and help them for solving their quarry, your audience will subscribe to your channel.

Many successful marketers accept this method and they do this successfully. They make their products related video like what is prise of these products, how can use this, what is the benefits of these products.

Most of the users don’t like to see and read the largest blogs and articles but they want to see videos and images.

You should drop your affiliate products link in the description of videos. if your audience likes your product review, they can buy your products and you get money or commission.

in this time if you don’t create your own youtube channel, you can not earn money and can not sell your products.

If you want to make online money with affiliate marketing so you should read this article How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

3. Share on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a successful app in this world something 2 billion active users drive WhatsApp.

Don’t forget to use WhatsApp benefits. Now WhatsApp has successfully launched its WhatsApp business version.

In this version you can automation your messages, you can create your map. and something many features are available.

You should create your business account in WhatsApp and make your WhatsApp group.

You should send affiliate links in the group and write a short description like product price, benefits, and details. there is a way to promote your products without the article.

If any people need these products or like your products. They touch on your link and buy the product. and you can earn a commission.

4. Sell Online Video

Accept this method if you want, this is not a bad method for you and promotes your products without the article.

I tell you that if You have the skill to convert your thought into videos. This is the best option for promoting your products without an article. You have to make 1 to 2 hour long videos to promoting and sell your products.

Here you can explain your products and sell anything by video marketing.

If you want to sell it without any cost and want to sell your video course with payment. It is your choice.

5. Create Ads

This way is most costly for you but if you do this, You can generate more sell.

Because Ads is the most important factor for marketing and business.

You can use digital marketing methods like social media marketing.

You are rich or want to try this method, definitely, You can try this but if you are poor. And do not try to spend your money. You can do the upper method.

If you want to promote your products without the article, Facebook Ads is most using and growing for your business.

This is very costly but it is most effective and you should try this one time.

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This is organic technics to promoting your products without articles and investment without Ads point.

These are some ideas to make your successful business and make online money without investment.

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