what is instamojo complete guide

What is Instamojo: Complete Guide (2020)

If you want to do Affiliate marketing or your own business, you should definitely know about What is Instamojo and how does it work.

Here I will try to explain to you all the information about Instamojo based on my experience. and How you can earn money online.

let’s start to discover and understand about it.

What is Instamojo?

Instamojo is not any entertainment site but it is a workshop where you can earn and easily get online money.

Instamojo allows merchants and businesses to sell their Digital products & collect money through this particular application.

If you make an ebook and want to sell it and make money, This is a good web application for you.

Merchants or business use their website to sell digital products and when customers purchase their products, the money is credited successfully to their account by Instamojo.

This is quickly become successful making money online for many biggest marketers such as Sourabh Bhatnagar.

How does Instamojo Work?

If you have not a website, don’t worry Instamojo is helpful for you and you can sell your products by Instamojo.

First, you need to create your account. then you need to choose your categories. like Digital Goods, Event Tickets, Physical Goods and Services/Membership.

According to many marketers, you should choose Digital goods. because new people want to buy digital products like ebooks and videos.

You need to fill all the details of your products. such as title, description, price, and quantity. this is only a few munites of process.

If you have your own website, you can easily drop the action button or create your own funnel.

When you create your products and put in Instamojo then It offers you to set of tools to track your sales.

You can easily analyze and follow all your links, selling clicks, page visits, and conversion rates.

This is an easy site for understanding all people if you are a beginner or starter until you can use it.

If you want to know about affiliate marketing and types of affiliate marketing, read these articles.

Is the Instamojo is Free?/ Instamojo Pricing

If you are a businessman and you want to sell your own or your affiliate products, You should pay money for every helping site.

This is very good and helpful for you and I want to tell you that a good things not get easily so it is not a free site.

Instamojo takes charge of 1.9% of every successful transaction that you made. and they also charge a small service taxes.

Is the Instamojo is Free Instamojo Pricing
Is the Instamojo is Free Instamojo Pricing

I will explain both products example physical and digital products.

If you sell your physical products and you made a transaction around Rs. 1000. Rs 1000 ( Customer Pays ) – Rs 19 + Rs 0.27 [InstaMojo Fees + Service Taxes] = Rs 980.73 ( you get ).

If you sell your digital product then Instamojo takes charge 5% flat for every transaction that you made.

When if you sell your digital products and made a transaction around Rs. 1000. Rs 1000 ( Customer Pays ) – 5% [ fees ] Rs 950 ( you get ).

This is a feature of Instamojo they take more charge for digital products than physical products.

This is best site for money transfers. it is successfully transferred money into your bank account in within 3 days.

So this is information for you and now you can think about Instamojo.

Features of Instamojo

  1. It is easy for Create Account
  2. You can put your Physical and Digital Products
  3. I liked about is the fee structure that only takes a 5% flat for digital products.
  4. Include Google Analytics
  5. All Payment methods except like Credit card, Net banking, etc.
  6. Money credited to your bank account in 3 days.
  7. You can integrate Instamojo into Mobile devices for your own website.
  8. You can get a commission if you put your affiliate products.
  9. There is the best gateway platform website or application in India.
  10. It is free to sign up but when you promote your products, it can take charges.


At last, after reading everything and based on my experience I will give you the review of Instamojo.

This is a great payment gateway for Indian entrepreneurs, businessmen, and affiliate marketers.

It is one of the best alternatives for PayPal. It takes no fees like other payment gateways like PayUBiz.

There is not take a charge for creating an account so this is best for testing and promotes products for beginners.

Many marketers successfully use it so you should use and test for your business.


Instamojo is the best site for you. here if you want to give a discount to your customers, You can create a discount code for the product.

They give you the best feature called InstaPay which lets you get paid online without sharing your bank details.

You should try this one time.

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