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How to Monetize Instagram | Step by Step Monetization Tips

In this guide, I am going to show you how to monetize Instagram.

Here you will know some basic techniques and strategies by using it you can make money on Instagram.

All of you know about Instagram. It is the product of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of this product.

Instagram is the most using and largest B2C business, entertaining, and social media platform. Where you can learn, teach, make your day more entertaining.

Instagram has around 2 billion active users in the world and 1.37 billion people daily use their Instagram account. And now Instagram is more popular for peoples, students, and business owners.

I want to tell you for your knowledge purpose that Instagram is the 6th most trusted website in the world wide.

So many marketers understood that if we want more sales, and growth for the business, Instagram is the key to more selling, branding, awareness, and profit.

Relly Instagram is a personal branding platform and you can make your branding and after Instagram monetization, you can also make your income source.

That’s all about Instagram and now let me show form basic to more understand.

What is Instagram Monetization?

When you publish any your useful and unique content, you will get access to make money easily.

Still, Instagram doesn’t introduce you their any monetization features for IGTV but do not worry.

There are many different tips to monetize Instagram like marketing, influencing people, sponsorship, promotion, selling any products or services, live events, and other many options.

It’s not hard but still many people can’t effort more and then they leave this game so I want to give you the best advice that never loses your hope and stay consistent.

Many people have been finding the best ways but they don’t find yet, so here read more for know.

Who can make money on Instagram?

Seriously, this question is really wired for me I want to tell you that there is no matter what is your age, your gender, your cast, your location, and your background anything does not matter to Instagram monetization.

I already said everybody in the world uses Instagram so any peoples can make money on Instagram.

Here are many people who earn money like students can earn passive income, business owners can sell their products and even housewives also can so feel free there is no rule or regulation for earning.

So everybody are available on Instagram and they have chance to do it.

If you have any skill or passion, you should show other and for this, you have your own app.

How to Monetize Instagram

I know you literally think about this moment so now we reached our main point.

First, if you are students and want to make your passive income, I show you best way is to monetize your Instagram.

Many people spend lots of time on Instagram and also marketers use Instagram for selling their products.

Don’t worry here I will show you 7 ways to monetize Instagram

1. Sell an eBook and online Course

This is the best way for students and teachers to generate more online money from Instagram

If you did any work and have expertise in any type of field, you should make an eBook and video course on that particular work and then sell it.

In the short sentences, you should become an awesome author who can write professional books that help other else.

There are many people are available and they want to become a master in that field, in which field you are working or experienced.

So that is the best way to monetizing your account and increase your awareness. Many marketers doing this many times and they get good results and good income.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin are the largest B2B and B2C platforms.

sell an ebook and course
sell ebook and course

So you have chance and you should definitely use this. If you want to sell any your particular products, i suggest you go on any social media platform and start to promote it.

If you are students or teacher. I want to give an example, many students want to prepare any government exam but they don’t have any stuff, you should provide them some stuff and content and you can charge them instead.

Don’t get worried about the result if you add some efforts in your work, definitely, you will get success in your work.

2. Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

All of you would be know about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way to get passive income to promote other’s products and without investment.

You can do it and monetize your Instagram but this is not simply a process that you are thinking now.

Many peoples don’t get their dream and then lost their dream and back. If you are a beginner and want to learn all of about affiliate marketing, read this.

You can become an affiliate of any platform like Amazon, Flipkart, and Blue host. If you don’t know what are the best affiliate programs that pay you high, read this blog.

How you can promote products on Instagram

Now you are thinking about how i can promote my affiliate products by Instagram. So your answer is here.

  • Make sure you have created your Instagram business page
  • Add some attractive Bio
  • Copy your affiliate link form your affiliate platform.
  • Pate link in your Bio section, Here you can see an example.
pate url on Instagram
pate url on Instagram
  • Make awesome pictures or images so people can aware of your products
  • Give some extra bonus
  • Stay consistent so your audience can get daily updates.

If any people will like your products, they will click on this link and if they would purchase it, you will get paid.

Tip:- If you have more than 10k followers on your account, you can put your affiliate link in your story section, Otherwise you have to keep in your bio section. And if you run ads on Instagram and Facebook, you will get ultimate results and profit.

Want to get more positive results, you have to run ads.

So that is the ultimate way to get commission and make money from Instagram.

3. Create an own Store to monetize Instagram

You also can create your own online eCommerce store on Instagram.

If you have your own company, you should make your Instagram business page and fully customize it.

When you create your business page thereafter, you should daily post on your page.

You should post your product images, videos reviews, and information. That is a powerful way to earn money and sell your product.

This image is the Flipkart eCommerce store where you can get daily updates of any new products, more and more people can be aware of it.

Like this way you should do it your self so more people will follow you and you can make your own branding for your product and your won.

Here I will show you how you can do it.

First, you have to make your own website for purchasing your products or if you want to do affiliate marketing, you can do it the same.

You have to keep your website link in your bio section and when you post the image, you should write a caption to tell your people how you can buy it.

This is a method that you can use. Many successful businessmen and marketers also do it as well and now you should do it.

4. Drive Traffic or Leads to your site

Without getting more traffic or generate leads, you can not make sales for your business.

I want to give massive advice that you should start generating more leads for other site and rather you can charge them.

Do not worry about it, social media is the best way for bringing more traffic to your website or your online store. Using social media like Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for getting more leads.

That is another way to get a commission but it is different from affiliate marketing. When people buy any products via your affiliate link, you can get money or commission, but here when you bring a lead for other people or sites, you get paid.

There are many people who want to get high traffic or lead but they don’t know how to make this so you have a chance to get a good income.

You should grow your followers and fan zone then you should explain to your audience about business, what you want to promote.

So they will purchase products or give their data and then you get a commission for bringing leads for your promoted business.

But when if you have a lot of followers or your audience, that makes possible. Otherwise, it is just a method for saying.

So you should focus on making and growing your followers on Instagram. not just one but others like twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Snapchat, etc.

5. Help others with Content and build a personal brand

Branding is the everything for your business if you have strong branding of your business, you don’t have to do advertise to your products.

For example, If you keep a normal coffee cup in front of people, they will pay you less, but on the other side, if you keep Starbucks’ coffee cup, people will pay you high.

So that’s the power of branding and I will recommend you that always use your company’s logo on your any products. Hence, people will know about you and your business.

Want to make strong branding for your business, read this guide you will know best branding examples, and strategies.

If you help other peoples, people will make you and treat you like a king. Many marketers and businessmen like Ratan Tata help other poor people, so he is the king of our hearts.

So you should make helpful images like the poem, motivation images or videos, and any lifestyle-related content. People will follow you if you give them the best content, what they want.

Many Instagram influencers provide the best reasons for people to follow them. they give the best motivation and useful content to their audience.

You can see here image.

For example, Sorav Jain provides you how to grow your social media, Shilpa Shetty provides you yoga tips and how to stay feet. Shivesh gives you food blogging tips and Srivatsan Sankaran provides you traveling tips and other countries’ cultures.

If you want, you can follow them and I have given you all of them an Instagram profile link. They all provide really great and useful content and you can learn more from them.

That is the best tips to monetize your Instagram account and increase your followers and audience very fast.

6. Promote Brands or Sponsorship for monetizing Instagram

I already said if you have lots of followers and your personal branding, you can do anything whatever you want yourself.

You can take sponsorship and promote their products by using your profile. Many influencers do it really great. They promote other products and earn money from Instagram.

It is not the same as affiliate marketing but it is different for example you can earn money by only promoting the product, and in affiliate marketing when you selling a product, you able to get money.

You can see here an example.

Promote Brands or Sponsorship
Promote Brands or Sponsorship

This guy is the famous influencer on Instagram and he is promoting a T-shirt of the champion brand and the company is paying him to sponsor their stuff.

It is not hard to get sponsorship, only few steps here that you should follow.

  • First, post images or videos according to your niche
  • Try to influence more people
  • Start with a small company and then do jump high when you will get able.

I hope you understood how to get sponsorship to monetize Instagram.

7. Live and paid Video

You also get the option to come on Live and you can also talk with your followers on live on Instagram.

Most of the people accept this strategy for making their brand and solving other’s problems.

When you want to come on Live, you should post images and do announce by posting images so people can be aware.

Therefore, people come and connect with you at Live, and then they can talk with you. You should solve every problem and this is a positive feedback for you.

That is a way to grow your followers on Instagram. Not only Instagram gives you this Live option but other social media platforms give this option and the same thing you can do there. There are lots of ways to earn money, only you should find a way.

Then you can promote your products when people live with you. That is the strategy that you should follow it.

I want to tell you that there are many opportunities to earn money. Only you should find what is the best and simple way to make money.

That is your choice my work only shows you the best tips or strategies. Now it’s your turn.

8. Sell your arts

Arts means whatever you have experience in any field, you should sell your arts by Instagram.

For example if you have skill to draw good pictures, you should make it and then sell through social media.

sell your arts on Instagram
sell your arts on Instagram

This girl have a skill to draw better picture so they make a good painting for any people and then people buy form them.

Yes, this is the best idea to monetize your Instagram. There are many talented people who accept this strategy.

Don’t hide your skills show it in front of the world and you have the best option for showing your talent to the world.

I hope you better understand what I am saying you and now you should find what type of skill and talent you have thereafter practice on it.

9. Edit Photo or Video

You can also earn money by only editing other’s photos or videos like wedding photos, parties, and many functions photos.

edit photo video
edit photo or video

And this is a high demanding job for you, many companies hire graphic designers for digital content posting on social media.

If you like to edit other people’s photos or making the best designs, your future is bright and you can earn much more.

Here side corner you can see an example of editing photos.

Many people have fond of edit they normal picture into designing picture. But they don’t have knowledge of photo editing so they do contract with designer.

Hence, you should learn Photoshop course from anywhere or online and then start editing photos or videos instead you can take some charge form them.

10. Online coaching class

Now i have to say that anything going to online and without internet you can not do your any important work.

Today you can talk with your relatives everywhere in the world through the internet. so that’s why people learn and teach online.

Now i have to say that anything going to online and without internet you can not do your any important work.

Today you can talk with your relatives everywhere in the world through the internet. so that’s why people learn and teach online.

Students can learn anything via online like form YouTube, and many people do this work via Instagram.

There are many Instagram influencer also do this work like Sorav Jain give lecture to their audience about marketing and branding.

That is most effective strategy to grow your audience and make your positive image in the front of world.

I will recommend that you should give online coaching class to your followers and audience so they learn more and always connect with you.

Instead you can monetize Instagram account. How, let’s see.

  1. Keep online class when people are free on that day
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. Give amazing speech or lecture that help your audience
  4. Make your ebook or online video on that spacific course
  5. Tell people to but it
  6. Give them another axtra bonuses so people be attract to buy
  7. Wait and see your result

That is the complete process to make money from Instagram. Now read more

11. Selling Instagram accounts

If you don’t have any skill or talent, never get upset I give other best idea to monetize your Instagram account.

When you get lots of followers, you should sell it to other needy people or who have need it.

Now it is easy to earn money only you have to grow your fan following then sell it who have need. If any one want, they also buy from you.

You also can help to promote other people’s accounts like you can write in the caption to follow their page.

Instead you can ask them to pay you.

12. Food delivery

If you have any food store or hotel, I am going to say you that you should make a fully attractive Instagram business page.

food delivery
food delivery

Because with the help of internet and Instagram you can reach out or connect with more people in the world.

Another fact you can reach out to your targeted or interested people by using social media platforms. So make your business page right now and fully customize it.

Thereafter post images or video of your food like food’s photos, tutorials, your shop manu, and whatever you have post it.

So if you have good luck, you can get lots of orders to food delivery. This is best option to get order and without invest in advertising.

If you want to see the best example, go on Instagram and then search the Macdonald page, I am sure you will understand better that what you should do for your food shop or hotel.

13. Health and Workout guidelines to Monetize Instagram

Today, the world became more faster and lazy so they don’t care about their body, stress, and life. And then they forget to do exercise and workout.

I will recommend if you know about yoga, gym, exercise and workout, you should teach other and help them.

Guide more and more people about how to stay healthy, how to maintain our stress and body so people will know you from your fitness page.

You should make a fitness Instagram page and post more amazing yoga tips and work out tips so your audience learns from you.

If you gonna viral, you have a chance to get in order to teach yoga to others.

These some amazing ideas and tips to monetize your Instagram account if you like it, you should implement them in your life. I am sure definitely one day you will get success.

But here one thing required that without having followers or a large number of audiences you can not work better on Instagram.

The most important thing is build audience but that is make possible, ha ha don’t worry i will show you some tips to grow your Followers.

How to Grow Instagram Followers.

Without growing followers, you will not find Instagram interesting. You can not keep adding friends like on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Instagram needs some of your efforts, style, fashion, storytelling, and the ability to capture some great photographs.

Before you start your Instagram journey, invest in a good camera because high-quality images will appear more likes and comments. It is an algorithm of Instagram that high-quality images will gonna viral.

If you like, you should read Instagram algorithm for your better understanding.

Here are some best tips to grow your followers and business on Instagram.

1. Set Expectations for growing followers on Instagram

If you want more people will engage you and follow you, you should set your expectations. Expectations mean your goals or niche.

Without knowing or finding your goal and target you can not get success in your field.

Top 10 niche to follow it

  • Marketing or Business
  • Health or fitness
  • Programming language
  • Spoken English
  • Memes or Jock
  • Whatever you have experience

You should keep the goals and decide which day you should post?

For example, I keep my work table such as Evry Monday to Wednesday I put marketing and business-related helpful content. And every Thursday to Sunday I put some poems, motivation related images, and content.

Then every Saturday or Sunday I am going to live and solve the problems of my audience questions and help them to find a solution.

I use the hashtag and tell about my story to my audience and encourage others to do that as well.

Like that, I have set certain expectations each of these will have its very own following so make your Instagram journey organized and let people be fans of your specific piece of content.

2. Start posting great Images

The key to getting success on Instagram is creating content that helps others. Anybody can click and post a random picture.

Use tools that can help you to create awesome infographics, images, and videos then upload them on your Instagram account.

Tools like canva or pics art for making good images and many platforms are available to get awesome images like Shutterstock, and free pic.

People want to see some quality, not quantity in your content, Work, festive celebrations, pictures that show your passion and your hobbies. and Pictures that from your travels.

Make a quick one minute video about your experiences at particular events, or make business announcements using the video feature.

Because sometime people most like to watch video so for the best relationship you should make a video.

I have a habit of posting useful content images and photographs, some times use Instagram ads to reach out to more peoples. It’s all about setting the right expectations concerning your niche.

When you post on Instagram about your business and your family-related photos, more people will engage with you. Because sometimes people want to see these types of photos.

3. Boost Your Instagram Post

When you convert your profile into a business profile. You can run ads on Instagram. Through these ads, you can set 2 objectives.

  • Drive people to specific website or landing page
  • Drive people to your Instagram profile

You can drive people to your Instagram profile. When you boosted your specific image, they will be bringing you lots of followers but that is not organic.

If you want to invest some money on Ads, you can do it. Advertisement is a way to reach and engaging with more people because Instagram will show your photo to more people.

Many business owners and marketers use ads strategy for selling their products, ebooks, courses, and other products.

Facebook and Instagram ads are the best strategies for your business.

But one tip remembers content should be minimal and with note more than 20% text in your images, otherwise your budget going boom (costly).

The description should be great and problem-solving, so people can understand your goals and they will follow you.

4. Tell your story through the caption.

If you want more people to engage with you, wherever you went, put your story through caption and put images.

tell story through caption
tell story through caption

Through the caption story, you can tell more about what you don’t mention in your image. And people can understand more.

So people seem that you can provide the best and useful information and they will meet you. I already said the above paragraph when you provide people best content, they will automatically follow you.

When you put a caption, you should use images because images attract your audience’s mindset and eyeball.

One image is enough to tell hundred of words.

That is an attractive strategy for growing your fan zone and followers on Instagram.

5. Maintain Hashtag Consistency

If you don’t wont to do paid marketing and running ads to reach out to more people, you should use hashtags.

Hashtags are a way to reach and engage with more people without paid ads and spending money.

maintain hashtags
maintain hashtags

You should use relative hashtags of your content. for example, when you put digital marketing related posts, you should keep hashtags such as #digirtalmarketing and #digitalmarketingtips.

Other most benefit of using hashtag properly is to you can engage with your targeted or your interested audience.

Because only those people will follow digital marketing related hashtags who have an interest in digital marketing.

Remember to use them but avoid overuse. Your pictures shouldn’t come out cluttered and overzealous.

If you use more hashtags in your post, this seem awkward and it will hurt your algorithm.

Instagram is a platform for discovery where you can discover people by using hashtags. Ask yourself these questions, What type of industry is my and what type hashtags I should follow.

You should follow these type hashtags and put them in your caption below. so your post gets more visibility.

If you want to more information about growing your followers, read this

6. Check Insights in your page

If you are doing business or marketing, you have to do analysis to know what factors affect your business.

Insights mean analysis of what you have to do. There are many type of analysis like market analysis, sales analysis, competitor analysis or product analysis etc.

If you growing your audience and gain followers on Instagram, you should check your insights or activity.

When you log in your Instagram account, go your profile page and click on setting, then you will see insights option

When you click on the insights option, you will see this type of dashboard.

From here you can do complete analysis of your post, audience, website, and your profile.

Benefits of Checking Insights

  1. You can do your profile analysis
  2. You can check your audiences like their gender, age, interest, and location.
  3. Thorugh insights you can see what time most of you users are available on Instagram
  4. So after knowing your user’s time you can post on that time for high engagement.

That’s are some benefits of using insights.


I hope you better understand how to monetize your Instagram and how you can earn money from Instagram.

I showed all the way and you must follow them and make money.

In this post, I give you 6 best tips to grow your followers and how you grow your business by Instagram.

It is all about Instagram monetization and making your personal branding. if you want, you can follow them and improve them.

Tip:- If you want to how can earn money from Facebook, read this

If this post was helpful for you, write in the comment below.

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