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How to Monetize Facebook Page (2020):- The ultimate guide

This is the ultimate guide about How to Monetize Facebook Page and how to earn money from Facebook page easily.

There are billions of users daily come up and around 30 minutes peoples spend their time on Facebook.

Most of users use facebook for their entertainmet and other people use it for promote and grow their business.

Now you should decide why do you use Facebook? for entertainment or business.

If your answer is business and making money online, read more.

If you want to earn money from Facebook, here you will know complete detail about Facebook page monetization.

Now learn to basic,

What is Facebook Monetization?

Facebook monetization is nothing but where you can earn money by using your Facebook account.

Whare you have to place in-stream ads on your post like, images, videos, and stories, and content instead of you can get money from Facebook.

That is called facebook monetization.

In this chapter we will discuss about how you can generate your in stream and long term high income source.

If you want, you can monetize to your Facebook page, groups or community, and your news feed. But there are lots of conditions which you have to do it like, maximum followers, posts, videos, age, and countries, etc.

I will show you complete details so read more and go-ahead.

Why you should monetize Facebook Page?

All of you know Facebook has 2.37 billion active users and that is more much compare to other social media.

Most of people are running their business and they have one Facebook business page for promoting their business and products.

I am sure that you also have a Facebook business page so you should start your earning.

But you are thinking how i can start?

Don’t worry there are lots of opportunities are available on Facebook. And many people also do it include students and housewives.

Here I will give you some Facebook page monetization strategies, which you should follow it.

How does Facebook page Monetization work?

It is simple, if you are a blogger and have taken approval of google AdSense, you would be seen that when users come on your website and click on ads, you get money.

That way you will get money from Facebook but different ways.

In the AdSense, you will get money from promoting other people’s products or services but on Facebook, you will earn money from selling your products.

When you post any product images and link on your Facebook page and If people click on that link and purchase your products, you will earn.

You can also get the approval of Facebook in-stream ads and place those ads on the content or articles of your pages.

I hope you better understood how Facebook page monetization work.

How to Monetize Facebook Page

Now we reached the main point which is called monetizing the Facebook page.

I will show you some best monetizing strategies, which if you follow it, you will also earn money from Facebook page.

1. Sell Your Courses or Services

If you have any special skills or have a better experience in any work, you should teach other peoples or students.

You should make video courses or E-book on whatever skill you have and then promote it via your Facebook page.

Here is example.

sell course and services
sell course and services

If you have experience in affiliate marketing, you should make e-book or blue print on based on your experience then promote post ot on your page.

When any user sees your post and purchase from you, you will get paid. That is without investment business and the first strategy of Facebook page monetization.

That way you can sell your own any products or services

Sponsorship to Monetize Facebook Page

If you find any without investment and money-making idea. I will recommend that you should do sponsorship and become any company’s product sponsor.

In the sponsorship you don’t have to do any hard work just you have to post an image or video on your Facebook page.

So when you promote any products, people will attract to that product. And maybe they will buy that particular product and you will get a commission.

But here only you have to promote any products and that products make sell or not it’s not your problem you will get already commission.

For example, If you are a model, you should promote products according to your niche such as you should promote any facial cream, oil, shampoo, clothes, or other modeling assets.

So people will aware of those products so the company will pay you for only promoting or sponsoring their products.

But one thing is required means there are you should be famous or have more followers, hence, any company can give you a contract for the promotion of their product.

Here you can see image of sponsorship

Sponsorship for Monetize Facebook Page
Sponsorship for Monetize Facebook Page

Those both famous people promoting the e-learning app so people aware of and buy or install that thing.

Affiliate marketing for earn money from Facebook page

I guess you will know about affiliate marketing, still, you show you for information that affiliate marketing is the promotion posses. Where you will promote other people’s products, and instead you will get the commission.

Affiliate marketing and sponsorship is completely different.

In the affiliate marketing, you have to promote any company’s products and till no one buys their products, you will note get money.

A simple word, when you make a sale, you will get a commission from the vendor. Whos you promoted the product.

I hope you understood about affiliate marketing am i right?

Now, how you monetization your Facebook page from affiliate marketing.

How you to sell your affiliate products on Facebook

It is completely easy and evry marketers or people use facebook for promote their affiliate products.

From the research around 70% affiliate marketers use Facebook.

  • Sign up any affiliate platform like click bank or Amazon.
  • Find your niche related products
  • Copy your affiliate link and paste on your Facebook page
  • If you want, you can run Facebook ads to reach out to more people
  • Post an images or tutorial video
  • You should show to people about the benefits of your product
  • When people click on that affiliate link and buy products, you will get paid

This is a complete list of how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing and how to monetize the Facebook page by affiliate links.

If you like this point, you do also read this guide about how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook. This guide will teach you some strategies that how to sell any affiliate products via Facebook.

Sand traffic to your blog post

This is not a Facebook monetization strategy but it also helps you to make money and get high traffic to your website.

If you have any website and you doing blogging, you should promote your website on Facebook so your followers and audience will come on your website by Facebook.

If you place any ads or affiliate link on your site they will also read your article and if they like, they also click on that ads.

When they click on ads, you get money by google Adsense. If you want to get the approval of AdSense, read this guide.

Facebook will also help you to get high-level social traffic and if your website gets any social signal, google automatically ranks up to your site.

Many bloggers do as same and the process is same as affiliate marketing.

Only copy your website or blog post URL and then paste it on your Facebook page and wait for the result.

According to research, 60% of traffic comes on any website through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media websites.

Promote other people’s event

Organize any offline or online events is the best way to build a personal brand. And increase awareness of your brand.

Many people organize events but they don’t know how to tell people and how to bring more customers to events.

So you should contract with them for promoting their event and webinars.

Only you should make an attractive thumbnail with writing perfect caption of events. And then post it on your Facebook business page and group.

You can see here an example.

promote other people's events
promote other people’s events

If you increase your maximum followers, you can easily get promotion contract and you can easily earn money form Facebook page.

This is the best way and if you want, you can also keep your own event to build your personal branding and own fan following.

Benefits of events

  • Increase personal brand
  • Build followers or audience
  • Earn money by promoting any product
  • You can sell your products

I think you should read this article and learn how to build personal branding.

Sell other small business page or account

If you give reason to your audience why they should follow you, they will automatically attract at you and follow you.

Many people do such work, the first increase their followers or audience then sell it to others, who want your Facebook page.

I will recommend you should accept these same strategies, you should concentrate till 3 to 4 months to build fan followers and then, who want, your Facebook to let sell them.

You can help others to sell their business page or account instead you can charge them like 1000 to 3000 thousand or you can help them to increase likes or followers.

This is the best way to monetize the Facebook page and earn money from Facebook.

Check a Page Monetization Eligibility

You can also monetize your own Facebook page such to place Facebook ads on your content or video.

But here some conditions that you have to follow it and then you would be eligible for page monetization.

Conditions such as,

  1. Your age should be 18+
  2. Post images, videos
  3. Post content on your newsfeed
  4. maximum followers and like
  5. many other things
  6. Don’t promote illegal products
  7. Language is should be same

Go to your creator studio and left side click on monetization and then apply for review your page. When you got approval you will get the green light, you will be eligible for page monetization.

Facebook Video Monetization

Also, you can earn money to upload your videos on Facebook as same as YouTube.

You should take the approval of Facebook in-stream ads and after getting approval you can place Facebook ads between your video.

If you want, you should check out Facebook Partner Monetization Policies. You will get complete information about Facebook video monetization.

Facebook video monetization
Facebook video monetization

First, if you want to monetize your videos, you should obey some Facebook terms and condition like,

  • Community Standards
  • Payment Terms
  • Page Terms and conditions
  • Content Monetization Policies
  • Read to the Content Monetization Terms
  • Share real and original content

That are some rules and regulation which you must be followed before sending for review to your Facebook page.

After a few days you will get 3 types of response for confirmation.

Greenlight:- It means, now you got approval for video monetization and you are eligible to make money from Facebook page.

Yellow light: It means, You are not eligible to monetize a Facebook video and you have some inssu that you should be fix them.

Red light:– That means you got any most serious issue that needs to fix them and then after you will resend for approval.

That is the complete process for Facebook video monetization and if you follow these tips and keep patience, definitely one day you will get success.


Now we are reached at last thing of this guide and that’s time is your turn.

I hope you enjoyed and this information was useful for you.

My responsibility is to guide you that how to monetize Facebook Page and the other video monetization, which I have done.

If you want to make money from the Facebook page, I have given you all the Facebook monetization tips. Now it is your decision that you should follow these tips or not.

Your answer is Yes, read this blog post.

If you want, you can read this Instagram monetization guide, that will help you. That guide will help you on how to make money from Instagram.

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