How to Engage & Boost Dwell Time of Users on Website (2020)

How to Engage & Boost Dwell Time of Users on Website (2020)

It’s easy to create a new website but it is very difficult to get more relevant traffic on the website. no one else knows that Engage & Boost Dwell time of users on the website.

Do you want to get more traffic? right.

Don’t worry here I will show you all about how to make users experience strong for your website. so you can get true of google.

When users come on your site for getting information about their quarry. and users don’t get their relevant answer on your site, he will be bounce on your site and increase your bounce rate.

If you get more bounce rate and user not engage more time with your site, google can decrease your site rank from SERP( Search engine result page).

Only make a website and rank on google’s first page that nothing enough. You should consider the users’ experience and their queries.

Here I will show in this post that How to boost dwell time and get more time engagement of users on your website.

  1. Keep the title relevant to users queries.
  2. Reduce of Website loading speed
  3. Make Beautiful to Landing Page
  4. Use Video and Image in Content
  5. Write Quality and Relevant Content
  6. Avoid bad UX or website design
  7. Get relevant backlink

What is Users Engagement?

When users come on your site and get their quarry relevant answer. Heis stay as stick on your site and read your article.

If users like to your content, there is a chance that users revisit on your site that is called Users Engagement.

What is Dwell Time?

It is not difficult to understand of dwell time.

Dwell time is like an Enfagemet If users like to your content and stay and read more on your time, you get high dwell time.

You get the highest dwell time than another site, google seems your site is very useful. So google can increase your rank number.

I will explain to you how to Engage & Boost Dwell time of users. so read more.

Keep Title relevancy of users’ queries.

You believe me your content title is half king of your content. If you keep an attractive title, you can pull your user’s viewpoint.

One thing considers in your mind users come on google only get the answer of their quarry so you should keep users’ relevancy keyword and keep modified in your title like 2020, Best, New, Guide.

Most of the users come only see your latest and unique title. So this first thing doesn’t forget. if you want to get more traffic.

Reduce of Website loading Speed

In current and busy times no one wants anyone can waste their time.

So you concentrate that you should decrease your page loading speed. Maximum 4-second speed is good for your site. You can check your site speed on GT matrix

If your site takes more time for open, the user’s experience will be bad and they direct close your site so your bounce rate gets high.

So you can not get more engagement with your audience.

Make Beautiful to your Landing Page

You may be seen newspaper type website. there any side see blogs, categories and images, tags and more.

Users can become confused form this type of landing page.

This is a simple type of mistake that anyone can make. but this time you should try to make a beautiful and simple relevant landing page.

This is the most powerful way to Engage & Boost Dwell time of the user’s on your website.

Use Video and Image in Content

Now people search their quarry on youtube because users don’t want to read big and boring content or article. because now users like to see images and videos.

If you put in your site your content related images and videos, you get more engage with your users and boost your user’s dwell time.

If users like your video, they can share it on their Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter account.

So you get more new users and more engagement with a new audience.

Write Quality and Relevant Content

If you don’t put users question-related content, you can bounce from your site.

You want to engage with your user and want your users to revisit your site, you should try to keep your answer to a user’s questions.
“Content is the King”

If you don’t put quality and long content, your visitors will excite form your website and google seem that your site is not helpful for their customers so google can reduce to your site rank.

You can read this blog it is related to Digital Marketing

Avoid bad UX or Website Design

Avoid Bad Ux or Website Design if you want to boost your user’s dwell time.

if your website design is bad, it can not affect Google ranking but it can affect users’ experience.

You have not skilled in website designing, you can tell your website developer that please make my web site design responsive and beautiful.

Most of the audience open your website on their phone. If your website is not mobile responsive, users can not engage with you.

Get Relevant Backlink

If your website is Marketing related and you get Backlink( Nofollow or Dofolloaw) on the Cooking related website, their Backlink is irrelevant backlink.

If uses come to your website through this Backlink and use seem this is not my quarry related answer. Users not engage with you and decrease your dwell time.


This is the main point and tricks that you should consider in your mind.

Keep these tricks on your site so it will be a chance that you can engage with your revisit or unique users. and you can Boost your Dwell Time.

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