Get Approved for Affiliate Program: My own Tips

Get Approved for Affiliate Program: My own Tips

If you want to do Affiliate Marketing and promote other products but you can not get Approved for Affiliate Program and Network.

There are many people want to get success in their business and affiliate marketing so they think I will do it easily, but really that is easy.

If you ask me this question, I will say No this is not easy because there are many problems that you have to face.

It is not easy to get approved for affiliate marketing than get Google Adsense approval.

If you are a blogger and you want to monetize your site with Google AdSense, read this article.

Don’t worry here I will give you my top 5 tips to get Approved for Affiliate Program

Increase Personal Branding to Approved for Affiliate Program

Personal Branding is the most important factor in the marketing field. If you have a fan zone, you can easily get approval for promoting products.

Only not affiliate marketing but also you can easily sell your own product if your customer or audience has trust in you.

I will give you some advice to increase your personal branding

Sell eBook

If you sell your niche related ebook to your fans and your audience, you can get the higher trust of your audience.

You can increase your social media group then after selling your ebook. most marketer accepts this strategy to get a database of their customers like email id and phone number.

Video Course

This is tips are the same for sell ebook, you can sell free or paid video courses and learn to your customers about your niche product.

If you have the skill to easily explain to your customers about your products, this is the best place and tip for you.

Free Webinar

You can also do webinars in free time to teach your skills to your audience. This is the best strategy for you because most marketers and affiliate marketers use this strategy for increasing their brand awareness.

You can also do it.

Get Professional Domain and Make your site live

This is the very best idea for improving your personal branding, and generate the trust of your vendor or product creator.

If you get your own website and write perfact SEO friendly (search engine optimization) post, You will rank on google so you get higher traffic on your site.

When you show your site to your vendor and you will demand to get approved for promoting their products, They will not reject your application.

First, you have to get a professional domain like .com, .in and .net. and you should write high-quality content on your site.

You can easily get Cheap Domain by Godaddy and Namecheap

one thing considers in your mind, That you should write content only your niche related products, or which you want to promote.

You should create your main page like the Contact page, About page, and Privacy Policy.

If you bring lots of traffic on your site, the product creator would have to access your application. But it is not easy for rank on google’s first page.

Create a Youtube Channel to get approved for Affiliate Program

If you don’t want to get and live active your website or you don’t have the skill to rank your site, don’t worry you should create your youtube channel.

Youtube has 2 billion active users. If you make your channel and put your niche related videos and give your tips, You can grow your sales skill.

For example, if your niche is software related or you want to promote ant software, you should make videos on it.

All the people come on youtube to search for a solution to their problem. If you give them a solution, defiantly you will grow.

If you grow your channel and bring traffic on your channel, you can get approved for the Affiliate Program.

Many marketers use this strategy for selling their own products and affiliate products.

Promote New Launched Product

first If you did not promote any product. I will suggest that You should promote newly launched products in the market.

If any company or vendor launched its new product, it will hungry for increasing its sell.

So you should find and tell them for Approved your Affiliate Program and give access to promote your product.

More selling and make money they will easily give to you approval. So don’t forget these tips this will be very helpful for you.

I will suggest all new affiliates that you should find your niche related and newly launched products.

Attractive Affiliate Application to get Approved for Affiliate Program

If you want to get approval for promoting products, you should apply attractive affiliate applications.

Your first expression is the last expression. If you apply sensitive applications, they will give you approval to sell their products.

I will show you how to write your application to Get Approved for Affiliate Program


I am Your name, your website name and I am living in your place. I would like to promote your product. And I have already created helpful and informative videos for your product. Writes and 10 blog posts on my website. your youtube channel link.

We will also promote the products to my email list of your subscriber’s numbers. Also sharing the details of your product on my social media groups like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thanks for approving my request.

Your name.

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