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Evolution of Marketing- Concept, strategy, and theory

This is the complete guide about evolution of marketing.

Good marketing is a method to promote and sell any products or services but time is not in our control so we should change with the time.

Now time is changing every second so you should change with time. People bring changes in marketing with timing. so here in this post, I will show and explain to you about the evolution of marketing, concepts, and theory.

If you completely understand all the Marketing basic concepts and strategies, I am sure that you can sell and promote any of your products and services.

First learn from basics

What is evolution of marketing

If you are doing business, your main motive is to make more and more sales and generate good profit but for that, you have to involve in marketing.

For more selling and earning you have to do marketing for your business and you have to change your every strategy with timing. That is called the evolution of marketing

Here is an example,

In the nineteenth century, people used traditional marketing for their business but now your buyer audience becomes more digital and online. So now you have to change every your marketing methods.

For example, first, people used to watch television for entertainment but now they stay on their smartphone or computer. So you should advertise on a phone or computer instead of T.V.

Let’s understand evolution of marketing

1. Traditional Marketing

Before twenty century, people used traditional marketing to promote their business but traditional marketing was more costly and unattractive for people.

By traditional marketing methods, people can not reach out to more people in the world hence, marketers could not increase their product awareness.

here show you some traditional marketing method that people was use

Newspaper Ads

The first method that most of the businessmen ever used to newspaper Ads. Newspaper ads are a more powerful way to promote your products.

Most people have a habit of reading the newspaper in the morning so if you print information about your products and price, you can increase your product awareness.

Product awareness is very important for your business so you can use newspaper ads to promoting your product.

But now people have fond of reading e-newspaper in their smartphone so newspaper ads are not useful for your business right now.

Banner and Pamphlets Ads

Most smaller businessmen and shopkeepers accept this method. Small shopkeepers invest their money for banner and pamphlets ads.

If you walk on the road, you might be see painting or banner on the wall and tower.

This is the method of traditional marketing but current time this method is not useful for small businesses.

You can only promote your products within your area by this method. but using digital marketing you can promote and aware of more areas for your products.

Radio Ads

Radio Ads was the most effective method and marketing strategy before 2005. These time radio Ads were branding for marketing. But now this method is now effective.

Because of social media and Tv ads, radio ads are finished. Many small businessmen using digital advertising like social media ads.

These are some traditional marketing theories and strategies that people was use for their business promotion.

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Traditional marketing Vs Digital marketing

Traditional marketing:- You have to pay more and more money for advertising and also you have to hire more employees in your company. So that is not effective for your business.

Digital marketing:- Most using marketing strategy in the current time. In this condition you don;t need to more employee, more money and any office.

You can run your successful business by using your computer or smartphone.

2. Convenience Marketing: Evolution of marketing

The second method that people use after 2003 is Convenience marketing.

Convenience Marketing is a way to convince your customers to buy the products. In this method, you can explain to your audience face to face.

Face to face like you can call them or send messages to aware of your customers about your products.

This method is not finished but now all the marketers accept this strategy and it is still working.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is the first Convenience strategy that was most popular.

It means if peoples are don’t know about you and your business, you can call and show them about the product details and benefits of your product.

Who person are don’t know you, these people are your cold customer. When you call them and aware of your products, they will become your warm customers.

Most marketers use this strategy and sell their products. This is not a more attractive method but it is very helpful.

SMS Marketing

If you have a number of customer lists, you can send them a text message and promote your products.

It is also helpful and the most using method by marketers. Most people have a mobile and they see every message so this is a more effective strategy.

In the current time, this strategy does not use a lot but it is still effective for your selling and business.

sms marketing
sms marketing

3. Digital Marketing

Now the world is changing and it is becoming a digital world.

All of you know about Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the right way to promote your products or services and sell them.

This is very effective and less costly possess so most of the marketer accepts this digital marketing strategy.

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Here showed you some digital marketing strategy like,

  • Social media marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Webinar
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influence marketing

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Social Media marketing

Social Media Ads are a very less costly and more return investment method.

Best Social Midea platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. most of the people in the world spend their time on these platforms.

Facebook has 2 billion users, Instagram has 1.37 billion users and youtube has 2 billion active users. so you can think about the power of social media.

Social Media Ads are a way for promoting your products anywhere in the world and sell more products. According to marketing research around 35% of people buy products from Instagram or other social media.

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E-mail Marketing

If you have an email list of your target audience, you can use an email marketing strategy.

All the strategies of digital marketing more effective if you learn and want it. most of the marketer use email marketing to selling their products.

If you have more email lists of your customers, you can sell your products and promote them in the future.

Here learn about email marketing


If you have any digital products like video course, eBook, PDF and want to sell them, i will recommend to use digital webinar.

Because the webinar is the best strategy to increase your personal branding, business brand, and product awareness. According to marketers, around 30% of marketers sell their products trough paid or digital webinar.

If you have any skill that seems beneficial for others, you should do a webinar and sell them your video courses or E-book instead you can charge them.

Affiliate marketing

If you have any physical or digital products, you should keep your affiliate program.

Affiliate marketing means where you have to give commission for those people, who make the sale for you.

There are many affiliate platform are available for your product and business like Jvzoo or click bank.

This is most effective way for sell your products because when you lauch your new products, people don’t know about your products.

Therefore if you keep your affiliate program and who are interested in your program, those people will sell your product as a salesman.

And you have to give commission according to your products like if you have any physical products, you can give a 30% commission and 40% commission rate on digital products.

These are some digital marketing strategies that the current time marketer and business owner use a lot and incoming time digital marketing will become more advance.

You don’t need any office and hire more employees because you have lots of tools that will help you to grow your business at online.

Also you can start your office at your phone or laptop and sitting at your home.

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4. Evolution of marketing is micro-video marketing:

Around 80% of people in the world like to see more videos and images.

If you tell them to read your blog and article, they don’t read but if you make a 2 hours video, they will see and also share it.

In near future, Video marketing will become trading so learn it now to make an attractive video.

You can make a video on Facebook Ads, youtube ads. If you want to promote your products without running ads and invest money, you can not make awareness and reach more people in the world.

This is the most popular and famous strategy of marketing

Evolution of Marketing concept and theory with example

The evolution of marketing had started the Industrial Revolution that since in the 18th and 19th centuries.

marketing concepts are a managerial philosophy and organization structure that suggest the wishes of the customers.

When Any kind of great Industrial Revolution changes came on letter half of the 18 and 19 century, In this marketing philosophy has undergone a thorough and gradual change.

We can find the entire evolution of marketing in four different Operations.

evolution of marketing concept
evolution of marketing concept

1.Production Orientation

Since the 19 century, there was spread a strong feeling that whenever a farming industry or firm has a good product. It happens in automatic consumer response and they don’t need any promotional or paid efforts.

This production orientation marketing concept was built on “Good products don’t need to push.”

If the product is really good, well and the price is reasonable and cheap for middle-class people, there is no need for any kind of special marketing strategy.

Manufacturers during this orientation of the marketing concepts were concentrated for more efficient production which is coming out at lower cost to attain the highest profit.

The opinions of this concept are:

  1. Anything that can be generated and produced can be sold.
  2. The most important factor of this concept is to keep the price of the product cheap.
  3. Only should generate important and basic products
  4. Don’t need any paid marketing.

2. Sales Orientation

Producers started to understand that the more production of quality products is not enough for their business growth and success rather they would have to invest in the development method.

The motive of any business is to more sales and good profit, they should focus on there.

They understood that it was most difficult for them to transfer the products out of their companies. Without proper promotion, advertising, or marketing.

What we know today about marketing was completed at that period of time.

They were starting to feel that no matter how much quality their products contain, people will not buy it if they are kept to higher costs the products.

Effective sales marketing, advertising, and customers relationship are the most important factors for higher selling earn handsome income.

The opinions of this concept are:

  1. Produce the best quality products
  2. Find customers or users to buy products
  3. Give bonuses and convenience to your buyers.
  4. And give them some facility

3. Customer Orientation

This is most important orientation of marketing and this conception was brought into play during the 1950s

“Customers are the king of market”

That points out that the primary task of the business and enterprise is to study and understand the needs, wants, and benefits of potential consumers.

Here realize that customers are the king of the market. if you want more sales, you should keep happy to your customers and audience.

And here you have to find some strategies to convince your customers to buy your services, so consider this point.

The opinions of this concept are:

  1. Keep a happy to your customers.
  2. Find a way of attracting to your buyers.
  3. Give some facility
  4. Consider quality not quantity

4. Social Marketing Orientation

since 1980 marketing campaigns were completely located on business, product sales, and customers.

We were not spending consideration of the environmental degradation that was falling due to our movements.

This theory cares for not only consumers and pleasure but for consumer health or social welfare. Such as social progress speaks of a pollution-free environment and spirit of humans life.

Lots of people are available on social media platforms so try to find a way that how to target thousand of people on social sits.

The opinions of this concept are:

  1. The company only provides those products that people want to buy.
  2. The firm should perform its charitable responsibilities.

Final Word about Evolution of Marketing

The evolution of marketing is deficient if we are not speaking and reading about marketing and internet marketing.

With the evolution of the internet came social media and we all know how social media are famous among us these days. Social media marketing provided to marketers to reach more people and sell more products.

In this post, I explained to you the evolution of marketing theory and concepts. That will help you to understand marketing basics to advance.

If you have any questions and queries, write your question in the comment below. I will definitely answer you.


Evolution Of Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality

Expectations of marketing are very hard to understand what is changing in the marketing industry and filed. First people use traditional methods for generating revenue.
The reality of marketing is easy for promoting your products. You can use social media and other marketing strategies for promoting your products or business.

Will Evolution Of Marketing Ever Rule the World?

No, but it is a chance to rule the world because changes are not in our control so after changing time people, marketing strategies and concepts are change.
So don’t worry about it.

The Next Big Thing in Evolution Of Marketing

No one can tell you what is come up with new changes in marketing because when people change their life thoughts, automatically new things will come.

What are main concept of evolution of marketing

There are four stages such a
1. Production Orientation
2. Sales Orientation
3. Customer Orientation
4. Social Marketing Orientation

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