How to earn passive income as a student

How to Earn Passive Income as a student

Hey! you are a student and Do you want to earn Passive Income as a student?

But You don’t know how to earn money as a students, beginner, and teenagers?

Many Students and teens want to earn and make online money while they are doing the study in schools or colleges. But the problem is students have no idea how they can start their money-making journey.

There are many ways and ideas to earn passive income as a student, beginner and teenager. but most of them require you to be a teen who over 18 years old.

But before read more you should learn form basic, so you can start easily.

What is Passive Income?

It’s not science in the definition. basically Passive Income is earning much money without doing hard work (smart work). In short, you can get money in your Bank Account while you are sleeping.

Like waking up and look a PayPal or Venom notification.

If you are doing a physical job, this is called Active Income. Unlike a job is which considered active income as you trade time to money. If you stop working, your income automatically can stop.

But in the passive money topic, if you implement some of the ideas, I am sure that you will earn money while sleeping eating and walking.

You should learn Computrise Software, Yoy can earn money as a student. An example of putting in the time to build a passive income business as a teenager would be Shopify.

Most teenagers and students can leverage platforms like Shopify and start a dropshipping business that imports products from China and selling them directly to customers without doing any physical work. It’s all automated by software and payment processors.

OK, guise it is just an example now we are talking about How to earn passive income as a student.

How college students earn passive income

I know many college students are looking what are the best passive income ideas to do business and they want to help their parents.

Here I will show some best ideas to start your money-making journey and you can easily start your business without investment and at your home.

But you have to add some efforts and hard work for achieve success in your life.

1. Create Blogging

Looking for best no money business idea, here you should know about blogging.

Blogging has become a popular earning way to get a passive income. Most Marketers and Bloggers write blogs and earn online money.

You can write niche and excellent content, you can grow your audience, monetize your blog, and start earning passive income.

It’s very simple to create a blog account and it is completely free. Only you need to one gmail ID to do free sign up.

After creating your successful blog, if you want you can monetize your website or post, and get approved google AdSense account

You should read how to earn money from blogging.

Create Blogging

This is one of the most effective ways to more making passive income from blogs. You need to choose a niche or target market (your blog has to resonate with a specific audience),

Create huge and quality content (things you are excited or highly knowledgeable about), and have a growing audience.

You can sell more products by creating blogs & rank them on google. people share your blog & post on their groups.

Best ways to earn money from blogging

1. Selling affiliate products

There are many platforms are available for sell their products. You should promote and sell their products and they will pay you as commision.

Only you should sign up and then choose your products according to your niche then add your affiliate product’s URL on your blog. So when people read your post, they will click on the URL and buy products.

2. Sponsorship

When you website gone viral, many company want to do sponsorship with that viral person.

If you start your blogging journey and get tun of traffic on your site, you should get contact with any company for send your traffic on their site.

For example, when people will come on your site and they see your sponsor content or scrip, they will click on it and redirect your sponsor’s site.

3. Putting Ads

There are many online ads platform give you chance to do earn online like, google adsense, and also most popular platform is sovrn

Only you have to get approval from that platforms and start your blogging journy.

2. Create your own YouTube Channel

If you are able to make a helpful video content, i will recommend to start your you tube channel.

Youtube is a more growing site around worldwide and it has 2 billion active users in the world. Youtube has become the ultimate more successful and earning website.

Where You can create your own video for helping for others purpose then monetize it so you can earn passive income as a student.

Youtube is a free site to create an account and make a channel.

Many successful YouTube channels created by students and teenagers earn thousands of dollars every month.

Your unique content and audience are key to the success of your channel. With excellent content and a growing audience, you can monetize your channel (by put ads, affiliate marketing, selling digital and physical products, etc.) and earn a passive income within a short time.

To grow your audience, ensure you should create a niche site that attracts a specific group of peoples, provide excellent content that keeps them subscribed and active, Post consistently. Your content can be something you are knowledgeable or passionate about and would like to share with others.

Best niches for more earning passive income

  1. Education channel
  2. Marketing channel
  3. Blogging
  4. Programming
  5. Photo and video editing
  6. Technical channel

These are some amazing niche so you should work on that and make your YouTube channel according these niche.

3. Start an Online Business for earn passive income as a student

If you are teenagers and students or studying in schools, You should start an online business because Online business becomes more necessary within a few past years.

You can create your website according to your niche and sell any products online like a pen, Watch, T-shirt, and much more what you want to sell on the internet.

Online business will become more popular and needy things where you can grow your business and get Passive Income.

There are multiple ways to produce your business online. The example you can create your own website or put your products on other websites for selling.

Online Business is a way where you are become a successful entrepreneur and make money with peace and without cost.

How to start online business

  • First sign up on Amazon, Flipkart or another seller account
  • Do listing your products
  • Promote your products
  • Run ads campaigns on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Post URL in Facebook account
  • Make products review

4. Become Amazon Associate and Sell Products

You can become an Amazon Associate and sell their products by becoming an Affiliate.

There is the most powerful way whare you will become a successful person. Most of the Affiliate becomes many sits associate and sell their products by link.

You can earn Passive Income without the investment of money. Then you will earn commission after selling Amazon products.

Amazon is the most growing and powerful E-commerce site where you will earn lots of money if you have the knowledge to sell any products.

There are many alternatives are available where you can promote any digital products and achieve major commission like click bank, share sale etc.

It is Free to open the amazon affiliate program.

Not only amazon but other platforms give you chance to be their associates. This guide shows you the best affiliate programs in India that will help you to find out the best platform to gain more commission.

5. Sell your knowledge and course on the internet

If you have any type of knowledge and experience in any filed, you should make a perfect video course or ebook then sell it through the internet.

There are many people who want to learn online so if you provide them your best service on the internet, they will also buy from you. This is the most powerful way to build a personal brand.

For example, If you have knowledge in account, you should make video on account subject then promote it via Facebook ads so you can earn passive income as a student.

lots of Marketers and people share their knowledge with people, but they take charge of it.

So you should do it, You can sell your Course on Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

There are social media sites where you can create ads and promote your products to arrive with your audience. Then people see your Ads and click on it. If people interested in your products or Courses, They purchase on the Internet and you will get Passive Incom.

6. Become an affiliate marketer

First You should know about Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

If you become any sites affiliate marketer, You can get a commission on its site. because you are helped them to sell their products.

You can become any sites of affiliate Marketer and few sits are free and few sites are paid

What should you choose it depends on your decision

  1. ShareASale Affiliates
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. eBay Partners
  4. Shopify Affiliate Program
  5. Clickbank
  6. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program
  7. Bluehost Affiliate Program

There are Sites where you can do Free Sign Up and become an affiliate marketer.

A final word about how to earn passive income as a student

These are some basic and without investment ideas to start your business.

If you liked these ideas, you should implement in your life form today and start your business. Now it’s your turn to get success.

Many students like you get success through more learning and more practice. I will recommend that you should focus on your work so one day you will definitely make your passive income.

If you enjoyed thsi guide, make sure you have shared and have any question, write in comment box.

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