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Diploma Courses after 12th- Commerce, science, and arts

You are going to read in this guide, the best diploma courses after 12th to making your successful career.

Many students have no idea, what they should do after completed 12th in any stream like commerce, arts, and science.

Most students don’t know how to make the right decision to choose a better course to make their successful careers. So they make huge mistakes in choosing the wrong course or another stream.

Don’t worry today you will learn all things and information related to your career. And you will know the best diploma courses after 12th in commerce, science or arts.

Diploma courses after 12th commerce, science, and arts

In this guide, I will describe all the diploma & degree courses after 12th commerce, science, and arts. Hence, you can easily make the right decision and choose your better course and career option.

There are no requirements for any streams’ students to choose any course like commerce students can choose the engineering field. And science students also can choose arts courses.

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Here shows you 10 best diploma courses after 12th commerce, science, and arts.

Diploma in Designing

If you are interested and have a skill for making attractive designs, you should choose a diploma in design.

In this course, you can learn graphic designing, jewelry designing, fashion designing, and more.

Most of the students also choose designing courses after complete their 12th commerce, science, or arts.

There are no limitations for students to apply for a diploma in design. A commerce student, and science students also can apply in this designing field.

After finish this course you can start your own designing agency and business. Or you can sell your attractive designs to companies.

The total duration of this course is around 1 to 2 years. And the salary depends on your skills and works, yet for your ensure salary will be around 30 to 50.

Your eligibility is must complete the 10th and 12th classes.

Diploma in SEO

I sure many of you don’t know about this word, am I right?

Basically SEO stands for search engine optimization and simply you have to rank your or your client’s website on google’s first page. If you learn SEO, you can provide your best service to your clients, and instead you can get money.

diploma in seo
diploma in SEO

In this course you have to write the best articles and blogs related to your products ( based on your expertise ). Then you have to rank your articles or promote on social media.

You can bring a ton of traffic on your site and sell your products or services. This is not the longest course only around 3 months and any streams students learn these courses.

If you want to make your future better, you should choose a diploma in SEO. There is no recommendation for joining this course. You can also learn after the 10th or 12th.

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Diploma in Web design

This is one of the most popular and student loving course. Simply, in this course, you have to learn how to make beautiful website design and them.

Most companies have demand and in the future also demand will increase. In this course, you have to build beautiful in designing them for your clients and your website.

You can make the best designing themes and then sell it on many platforms like themeforest.com. And you can earn money online.

The duration of this course is 4 to 5 months and fess is 30k. No limitation for students any stream’s students also can apply and learn easily.

Diploma Courses after 12th is Digital Marketing

Now India has become a digital India and the internet reached many places in India so businesses should make online.

I will recommend you should choose a diploma in digital marketing if you want. First know about marketing.

What is digital marketing

Digital marketing is a way to promote your services and products online and reach out or engage with more peoples.

You can promote your products at a low cost, and bring your business online. In a digital marketing course, you will learn about content marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, and analytics. You can learn and how to make your personal and your compny’s brand.

The total duration of the digital marketing course is 3 months. After finish this course you can start your digital marketing agency and you can keep contracts.

Benefits of digital marketing

  1. Future is bright
  2. You can start your agency or institutes
  3. Less expense
  4. Low competition
  5. Branding

Diploma in management

If you try to find the most valuable course in the diploma field, you should also think about management courses.

Today, management’s demand is increasing and many students have started to make their successful careers in this field.

In this course you have to handle all the company, employees, work, and many outlines works.

Benefits of diploma in management

  1. Increase your brand
  2. Future is bright
  3. Compititiotion is low
  4. salary is high
  5. Develop your personality

You can finish this course in any institutes who provide management training and you will able to get a certificate.

Diploma and degree courses in Yoga

If you are interested in healths and fitness or maybe your family background on yoga, you should choose this course.

In this course, you will learn how to maintain your fitness and your health, therapy, and how you can teach yoga to other people. You can either work as a full-time career in health centers, schools and also colleges. If you want, you can also open your own yoga training canter and teach other people instead you can earn money.

Course duration is minimum require 1 year because you have to learn complete yoga and work on it. The salary is based on your skill and which college’s teacher you are.

“Also choose your passion and follow it for success”

If you just finished your class 12th in commerce and you don’t know which are the best courses after 12th commerce, read this guide.

Diploma in Banking:

Most students interested in finance and on related subjects or they like to work in any bank. Banking doesn’t need any special skills or talent for any person. With an average aptitude who can have a high job in banking.

If you want to make your better future and get a high paying salary job, you should apply in a banking course.

In this course you will learn Finance and global market, laws of banking, Credits, and debits. And also more in foreign trade and exchange, and most valuable Customer-bank relationships.

After finish this course you will be able to become a personal banker, retail banker, loan servicing provider, investment banker, commercial banker, and merchant, etc.

The duration of this course is one year after 12th and 10th in any stream like commerce, science, and arts.

Diploma degree courses after 12th: 3D Animation for 12th arts

Increasing demand for films and games, 3D animation, and design’s demands are growing in India.

Many students have also joined this course and get jobs easily. the requirement for animation experts is increasing every year.

In this course, you will learn to make cartoons, design, film editing, video editing, gaming, and more. If you learn this course and become an expert, you can get easily work anywhere and you can make your successful career.

Which skills required

  • Well color choice
  • Awesome drawing
  • Mind creativity
  • Lot more

3D animation course duration is 1 year and depends on your course and institutes, after finish this course you can eligible for work in any country like the USA, New York, and other.

Diploma in Advertising

Advertising is growing globally and most companies hire some people to promote their brand and products through social media ads.

You can learn advertising and marketing skills on the internet and many marketers like Gaurav Madaan, Sourabh Bhatnagar teach you how to generate a lead for business by advertising.

In this course, you learn many things related to marketing and selling like lead generation, brand promotion, communication, and speaking.

You need to Basics skills like communication, advertising, and ad copy, public relations, and market researching.

You can also open your agency and get the client’s orders if you want. Many people do work as freelancer and home, you can get orders on freelancer.

Salary and duration depend on your mindset and experience because it is not a course but it is skill and marketing.

But you should complete 12th in any stream.

Diploma in Photography:

Do you love photography?

If your answer is yes, this topic is for you. In this topic, you will learn to take good photography, wedding photography, and photo editing.

All of you know, photographer how much charges take on weddings and pary.

This is the best future based job and business course for photography lovers and you. If you become the best photographer, you can sell your photos on shutter stoke and other platforms.

Many things need you like a good camera, professional photography, and creativity, best poses for photos.

Such a course, you need to creativity and experience not your IQ and intelligence.

Commerce, science, and art students also choose this 1-year degree course. salary is around 20 to 50 thousand per month.

Diploma in Photography
Diploma in Photography

Diploma engineering courses after 12th

Computer Science and Engineering

Most of the students like computers and work on the computer.

If you love computers and its related things or technology, this is the best opportunity for you.

In this course, you will learn how computers work and how you can repair that. You can become computer engineering.

Today, computers require is high and most of the work happens by computers and the internet. without a computer, you can not do work easily.

You can learn hacking, security providers and developers, and other professionals.

Mechanical Engineering

Most students have the aptitude and like to choose the engineering field, If you one of them, this is the right topic for you.

Directly or indirectly all sectors of the engineering industries have required mechanical engineers.

Basic requires

  1. Good communication
  2. Intelligence
  3. Team player
  4. Leader
  5. Interested in knowing machine learning.

In Mechanical Engineering course, you will learn electrical things, Mathematics, Physics, and communication skills

The duration of this course is 3 years after the 12th or 10th.

Chemical Engineering: Best diploma degree courses

If you like to become a chemical engineering, you should choose this course. In this course, you can learn how chemical work, how to make it, thermodynamics, and other chemical technology.

As an engineering, you can work in any IT and chemical company and position like a chemical researcher, studies, economics, supervisor, and more.

No requirements any streams’ students choose this course and get a 3 years engineering degree after 12th.


These are some best diploma courses after 12th- arts, commerce, and science.

I hope you enjoyed and loved it, if you have any questions, write in the comment box. Now it’s your turn.

You should choose your best career option and course to make your better future. You can also search on collegdunia for find the best college according to your courses.

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