Diploma courses after 10th

Diploma Courses after 10th: Make your future Bright

In this ultimate guide, you will understand which are the best diploma courses after 10th for your career.

The diploma course has become more popular among students because this course brings lots of opportunities for students. And you don’t need to wast most of your time in colleges and schools.

Most of the students choose the diploma courses after 10th because one of the most benefits for diploma students is in this course students learn all the things and get knowledge about any specific field.

Due to Increasing demand in India, different types of diploma courses have started for students, Who want to make their career success and get their knowledge-based job.

After 10th, students worry about how they can give their careers one new direction. Don’t worry let me show you.

What are Diploma Courses

Diploma courses are 2 to 3 years short terms courses, which usually provide the best training to students in any particular field. The admission in diploma courses can be taken after pass out the 10th standard.

Most of the diploma courses are related to technology like machine learning, computer, artificial intelligence, software, and others.

These are basic information about the diploma course, Now that’s time to bring your career right direction.

List of Diploma Courses after 10th

1. Diploma in Textile Technology

If you are interested in fashion, clothes, and any textile technology-related field, you should choose this course right now.

In this course, you will learn fiber, clothes, fashion, or machines related to technics. And after finish this course you can make your career in fashion industries, textile marketing, and clothing industries.

This is the best opportunity for students after the 10th because the textile business is growing in India.

People want to wear more attractive and best clothes, if you have the skill to make attractive and better cloths design, you can do a diploma in textile technology, and make your career in the textile industry.

The total duration of this course is 3 years, and after 10 standards you can join and apply for this course.

2. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Yes, you can also become mechanical engineering after 10th. but only you need to obey some conditions like,

  1. You have to pass out 10th class with 55% marks
  2. 10th pass with ITI certification
  3. 10th pass with certified in Motorcycle service and repair
  4. 12th pass with mathematics, physics, and chemistry

If you obey any one condition, you can also choose a diploma in a mechanical engineering course.

The total duration of this course is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 6 years, it depends on you, what type, of course, you are doing.

You will learn in this course all about machines and technologies.

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3. Diploma in Automobile: Best diploma courses after 10th

This course is for those students, who don’t like to study, and interested in technology and want to become technical experts.

Today, you would see many automobile shops or bike repairing shops near your home and on the road. Where many young people working there.

Hence, this is the reason many students choose a diploma in automobile engineering after the 10th. And you can make your future bright.

Now let me show you the duration and eligibility of this course, The total duration of this course is 3 years and after 10th you can apply and register for this course.

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4. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Such as if you would read any article and blogs on Google or the internet. And if you would be run your business websites, which stay SEO.

By SEO you can improve your website’s ranking and beat your competitor’s website. Many companies have demand and jobs for SEO executive, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and analysis.

Whenever, after 10th and 12th, you can also take SEO and blogging training and work for any company.

You can earn money by your personal blog and website after taking approval of google Adsense.

The duration of this course is not long, you can also learn in 3 months and if you want, you can learn at home help by youtube, and make your career in SEO

Most of the students earn by this course and get a passive income after the 10th. This is the right opportunity for you because of not a long time, not an expense, and earning a lot.

diploma in seo
diploma in SEO

6. Future diploma courses after 10th are Web Designing

The most popular course in Web designing, You can go with a web designing course after 10th.

You can not get success and make your business successful without the internet and website. If you want to sell your products, you have to make your compny’s website.

So most companies and people want to make their website attractive, you can make a website for your clients and instead you can earn money.

If you want, you can start your own web design agency or work in any company.

7. Graphic Designing

The duration of this course is average 3 to 5 months and fees are not expansive. Graphic Designing

Who likes to drow good painting and interest to make their career in the designing field, this is the best course for you.

This is also the same as web design. In web design, you have to do a design website and in graphic design, you have to draw cartoons and graphics.

This course duration is between 3 to 6 months and fees something around 10 to 15 thousand.

After completing this course many companies like animation, cartoons, VFX companies also can hire you. This is future based jobs and careers.

8. Diploma in Networking Course

Now, this time is to aware of you about the networking course. Many institutes organize this course and provide you with certifications like CCNA and CCNP.

More certificates are available for you, which you can do after 10th, 12th, and graduations.

After finish this course you can apply to large networking companies and IT companies.

If you want to know more information, you can search on google and get complete knowledge about network marketing and know how many certificates are available.

9. Ethical Hacking Course

There are no requirements for any certifications for getting jobs in any security company.

If you have skills in ethical hacking, you can get a job and earn money anywhere. but there are many short terms certificates are available for you that you can do for learning.

ethical hacking course
ethical hacking course

The total duration of the ethical hacking course is 3 to 6 months but I will recommend if you interested in programming, coding, and c language, you should apply for this course.

You can find more information on google and you can do an inquiry from institutes, who provide this course.

This is the most demanding job and requirement in the future. If you want to do a diploma course, you should definitely join the ethical hacking course.

In this course, you will learn about cybersecurity, website hacking, hacking protection, and programming.

10. Diploma in Stock Market

Diploma in Stock Market means you don’t need to invest money in the stock market, but you need to do a job in the share market.

In this course you will learn how to sharemarket running, how to share’s price stays up-down, and will know more about BSE (Bombay stock exchange) and NSE (National stock exchange).

You can get many certificates of the stock market and you can understand how to invest money in any company.

After this course, you can become a stock market advisor, broker, stock market manager and you can get a job in NSE and BSE such a company.


I hope you enjoyed this guide and you have known all the courses that you can apply to these courses.

These are the best diploma courses after 10th and you can easily apply and get jobs.

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