Courses after 12th Commerce

10 Courses after 12th Commerce in 2020: Choose your career option

In this guide, I will show you 10 best Courses after 12th Commerce, and you can make your career better in the future.

I sure after reading this guide you will choose your better course and career based on your creativity and expertise.

Most of the commerce students have no ideas about what they should do after 12 standards, which means they don’t have the idea that what are the best courses for making their career bright.

It is easy to get pass in12th commerce but it is very hard to choose the course after 12th. You should choose your better course according to your creativity. For example,

If you are better and clever in the account, you should choose commerce with accountancy. And if you have skills on the computer, you should choose BCA (Bachler of Computer Application).

I will recommend you, you should take the right decision about your career and Courses after 12th Commerce

There is no limitation for any students to choose any course. If the commerce students want, they also choose the arts and science stream after finish 12 classes.

Now it’s time to take action.

Best Courses after 12th Commerce

1. Bachelors of Commerce (B.Com) is most valuable in commerce stream and many commerce students choose this faculty after 12th.

If you are better in accountancy, you should choose with accountancy. This is the best career option for you.

This is a 3 years bachelor’s degree course, and after finish this course you are eligible for work in any stream like an accountant, teacher, etc.

You can choose in any language like Gujarati, English, and Hindi. You can choose any subjects with like accountancy, statistics, economics, Gujarati, and English. This means you can choose any one subject with according to your skill.

I will recommend, you should choose the account or banking because there is most need in this field.

After, if you want, you can choose (Master of Commerce).

Duration:- 3 Years (compulsory)
Eligibility:- 12th pass with 50%
Best College:- Auro University, Surat
Fees:- 12,000 (1 years fees)

2. Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA): Top Courses after 12th Commerce

BBA is one of the most professional courses in the commerce stream.

This course helps you to become a professional person and develop your personality.

If you are better in the management field and you know how to handle all the people, you should choose BBA faculty without someone asking.

BBA is three years bachelor’s degree course and in this course, you will learn many professional skills like your working presentation, speaking, management, account, and many other skills.

The most popular institute in India is IIM ( Indian Institute of management ). That provides you best management knowledge.

You have to choose only the English language because there are no language options in BBA faculty.

Duration:- 3 Years (compulsory)
Eligibility:- 12th pass and 50% marks
Best College:- Bhagwan Mahavir college, Surat
Fees:- 26,860 (1 years fees)

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3. Bachelors of Computer Application (BCA)

Today, BCA is the most demanded course and it’s demanded will high in the near future. Because today IT companies are growing more.

If you have the skill and know all the things about computer-related, you should choose BCA because this is one of the top courses after 12th commerce.

This is the same as other courses, 3 years degree course and in this course, you will learn how to make an application, programming, computer language, and many computer-related things.

After finish this course, you will eligible to work in the IT field. You can become a programmer, developer, and more.

Many BCA students have started their new start-ups and making money by website or application

BCA with the English language is compulsory. There is no language option.

Duration:- 3 Years (compulsory)
Eligibility:- 12th pass and 50% marks
Best College:- Sutex bank college, Surat
Fees:- 30000 (1 years fees)

4. Bachelors of Arts (BA)

BA means a bachelor of arts. BA is a popular and bachelor degree course, which can do any student of any stream.

I already said there are no limitations in choosing your career. Commerce students and science students also can choose BA.

BA is a three years degree course in subjects related to social sciences, liberal arts, and fine arts.

You can choose a BA in Economics, Gujarati, and English. after finish this course you are eligible to work in any art field like a teacher, professor, management field, and more.

Duration:- 3 Years (compulsory)
Eligibility:- 12th pass and 45% marks
Best College:- Akhand Anand arts and commerce college, Surat
Fees:- 12000 (1 years fees)

5. Bachelor of Hotel Management ( BHM )

All of you know the future of hotels. In the present time, people have a fond of eating foods of hotels and peoples celebrate their any parties in the hotel.

So you should finish your bachelor’s degree in hotel management because most companies require it.

In this course, you will learn how to decorate the hotel, how to build a relation between companies, and handle all the things of the meeting.

If you want, I will recommend choosing this course because this is the best career option for you.

Duration:- 4 Years (compulsory)
Eligibility:- 12th pass and 50% marks
Best College:- Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore
Fees:- 64,409 (1 years fees)

6. Bachelor of Science ( stands for bachelor of science, honestly, is faculty of science stream.

If you finished your 12 standards in commerce, then if you want to do science, you can also choose a course.

12th pass commerce students eligible for course and this is 3 years compulsory bachelor degree course.

In this course, you will learn about science, chemicals, and the environment.

Duration:- 3 Years
Eligibility:- 12th pass
Best College:- Cheran Arts and Science College
Fees:- 20,000 (1 years fees)

These are some basic courses after 12th commerce, that you can also choose and get high paying salary jobs.

Now you will see some Professional courses.

Professional courses after 12th commerce

Professional courses after 12th commerce
Professional courses after 12th commerce

7. CA after 12th commerce ( Chartered Accountant )

CA is one of the most popular and difficult professional courses in India. It is difficult to crack their exams but their salary is also high.

There is no doubt, only not commerce students but science and art students also can join the CA course. And no more percentage requires, only the need to pass 12th standard in any stream.

But most of the commerce students like to choose the CA course because most of CA’s subjects are the same as 12 commerce. So this is a benefit for commerce students.

There 4 levels to become a CA after 12th

  1. CA Foundation
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. Three years of Internship
  4. CA Final

If You want to know more information, check out this official website You can know all the things and basic information about CA like exams, schedules, subjects, and fees.

If you are completed your graduate degree, you don’t need to give CA foundation exam. You can directly enroll in CA intermediate.

Here you can see CA fees structure

Duration:- 5 years
Average salary:- 30 to 60 thousand

Wherever would be a good institute, you can join these institutes.

8. CS ( Company Secretary )

If you are thinking to become a CS ( company secretary)  in the future, this is the best opportunity for you.

In this course you have to do handle a company, co-ordinate with employers audit company reports,  then manage all the things in the company.

This course is the most responsible course and this is some responsibility of Company Secretary.

If you want you can become a company secretary after 12th, and graduate or postgraduate. If you are a student in any stream not only commerce, and interested in the CS course, you can also apply in this course.

This is a professional and certification course not a degree course like B. Come and BBA. 
So you can do CS with B. Com or whatever you want other courses.

  1. Foundation
  2. Executive
  3. Professional

Duration:- 4 years
Fess:- 4500 for registration 

9. CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst): Most Professional course

CFA is the most popular certification course and this course accepted by 146 countries also included India. And their main charity is in the USA.

If you want to make your career in investment, stoke market, and credit analysis such a field, this is the best opportunity for you.

In this course, you will learn about investment tools, analytics, management, valuation, and investment.

You can check out all information about CFA on their official website on

There are no limitations and require any marks. Any stream like commerce, science, and arts also can apply in the CFA course and you should have a passport and credit card for registration because this is international course certification.

You have to clear three-level for becoming a Chartered financial analyst. After finish this course you are eligible for investment banking, credit analysis, management field, business analysis, and more career options for availability.

Duration:- 5 years
Fees:- 29000 (one time charge)

10. LLB (Bachelor of Low) 

LLB stands for Bachelor of law. If you are interested in rules and regulation, this is the best opportunity and make your career better in future.

Basically after finish this course, you can become a lawyer, judge, and legal collaborator of any firm. 

you can also do integrated LLB,  integrated LLB course means LLB with other common courses like LLB with B.Com BBA and BA.

Most of the students choose the LLB course but commerce students also can join this course.
If you pass out your 12th standard with 50% marks, you are eligible for the join this course

After completing this course you can become a lawyer legal farm advisor lecturer, attorneys, lecturer, and attorney.

Duration:- 3 years
Fees:– 50000 (all attempts)

Final Thoughts

These are a list of courses after 12th commerce. If you want to earn money online, read this.

I hope you enjoyed this guide if you enjoy and like, write a comment below and give me a review.

You should choose your better career and do hard work to make your better future.

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