20 business ideas for women in India

20 Business Ideas for Women in India: start with low investment in 2020

In this guide, I will show you 20 business ideas for women in India that women can start their business with low investment in 2020.

Many people have a dream to start their own successful business because business allows you to stay happy and independent.

India is going to a progressive society, where women are the same as men in all things. before the time, people were in superstition, that women should not start their own business and they can not live freely.

But today women are more career mind, strong, same as men in all things. And compared to other countries India has more women entrepreneurs.

There are many business ideas for women in India, but they don’t know which is best.

Why women should start a business in India

Men have changed their mind to think about women, now man supports their wife for becoming successful.

To become successful, earn money for the family, change the family poor position, and develop to India in the world, women should start their own business.

One woman entrepreneur makes lots of business opportunities for other women and reduces unemployment, so women should start their small business.

Now the time to take action.

20 Best Business Ideas for Women in India.

Book Writing

If you have the skill to convert your mind thoughts into a book. you should become an author and start book writing.

This is the best idea to start your business and earn money with respect and without investment.

One thing required is to increase your creativity and write in-depth on anything.

You can write a book on many categories like other people’s stories, cooking recipes, motivation, and ideas related to books. You should write books and selling them. Indian women wrote successful books like

  • Anita Desai: The Zigzag Way,
  • Ismat Chughtai: Lifting the Veil,
  • Amrita Pritam: Pinjar
  • Kiran Desai: Inheritance of Loss.

These are Indian authors and you can also read their books and get inspiration for making your career in books writing.

Become Youtuber

Youtube is most useful to make a successful career and earn money.

Many Indian women and moms started their youtube channel and grow their subscribers and audience.

They YouTubers make videos on whatever experience they have, and whatever skills you have, you should make videos on it. You can earn money from Google Adsense and any company sponsorships.

The only thing you need is to convert your experience into videos and make useful videos so people can connect with you. This is without investment and hard work business idea, Many YouTubers make their successful career by youtube, Women YouTubers like

  • Sonali Bhadauria – Dance vedios
  • Anisha – Comedy videos
  • Trisha – Beuty Tips
  • Kabita Singh – Cooking recipes

You can also make your youtube channel on yoga tips, sports, beauty, and education.

Business Ideas for Women in India is starting Designing

Designs are most like and really growing business in nit just India but all the countries.

one scientific reason is women are most intelligent in designs, drawings, and color combination compared to men.

So many women have made their successful careers in designing field. therefore I will recommend you to start your small business in designing field.

There are many designs like Fashion design, Jewelry design, Graphic design, Home design, and web design ( if you know to code).

You can make your best cloth design and then you can sell them in your stream. If you want, you can take order to make cloth design, jewelry design, and web design. You can start your own agency and hire a freelancer designer and keep the contract or order.

The only thing required is you should have art. This is the best idea for you to start your business.

Beckery and Dairy Business.

I also recommend the Best Business Ideas for Women in India

In the present time, people celebrate any little moment by cutting the cake and share chocolate.

If you are women and think to start a business and earn money, I will recommend starting selling bakery and dairy-related products.

Because today cake, cupcakes, chocolates, milk, ice cream, milkshake, and more product demand are raising.

So this business idea is not bad. You can really earn money with low investment. only you need to grow your social media because social media is the best way to reach out to more people and increase your business awareness.

You should post your product images and videos on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and another platform.

Then you should write your business info and address, so people will know about you and your products.

If you have a website, this is the best thing because when people want to buy any products, first they search on google and then buy products.

Tip:- How to grow business on social media.

Event and Party Services

I already said people have become more advance in the present time.

People are used to celebrating their very good and small moments by event, party, dance, and sharing foods.

If you are a woman and want to do a small business, you should start your event and party organization agency.

Because when people organize their annual event, birthday party, wedding, and any little party, they call event planner and give them a contract.

You need to have a team because only you can not handle your work. you should collect your team means you should hire some other ladies. So you can handle all your work easily.

With this less investment small business, you can provide your best services and generate your money.

SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )

SEM ( Search engine Marketing) is part of Digital Marketing and SEM marketing is a more growing business in the future.

All the company who want to grow their business and earn a profit, they have to do online marketing and they have to do SEM.

Without advertising, you can not grow your business and sell your products. People when want to buy any products, they search on google and find the best result then purchase it.

You should start your SEM Agency and take order to google ads. If you want, you can do it as a freelancer or as a business.

Only you should learn how to do advertising on google and how you can generate lead or sell products for your clients.

Copywriting: best Business Ideas for Women

Copywriting is most important for every business to sell their products and attract customers.

You can start your copywriting agency and if you want, you can do it at your home.

Copywriting is nothing, it is just content where you can explain to your customers about your business and purchasing products. And without attracting people you can not convert them into your customers.

The copywriting is everywhere like you have to write attractive content on ad copy, website’s blogs, and profile creation, and presentation.

If you want to do the best copywriting for your website or ad copy, you should know about the AIDA Model.

Photograph Selling

If you have skill and interest in photography, you should start your photo studio.

Only you have to take beautiful and awsome photos of any type like natural, peoples, countries, food, drinks, game, animals and more whatever you want to take a photo.

Then make your account on Shutterstock or another platform where you would be selling photographs.

Shutterstock is a platform where you can earn money only by selling your photos. If any people buy any photos on Shutterstock, you get paid.

Yes, I know this is not a business but if you are interested in photography, you should make it business. Today photography becomes one of the easiest and profitable small business ideas for women.

this is the best way for women to earn passive income and earn by your passion.

Food Store

Our Indian country’s people have fond of eating good foods. Many state and city in India have their own food recipes like

  • Gujrat – Dal Bhat
  • South India – Dosa
  • Mumbai – Vada pav
  • Rajsthan – Dabeli

Many people started their food store and they earn enough money and they can easily run their family’s life.

Women are best in making good food and if you want to start your small and without investment business, you should open a small food store.

Because this business will never close and more population means more eating people and more money. So this one of the best Business Ideas for Women in India

Business Ideas for Women in India is selling your products on the e-commerce platform.

I said when people want to buy any products online or offline, they first research google, They go to a different- different platform, and then he purchases any product.

Today most of the peoples in India buy products online or e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, snap deal, and more platforms.

selling your products on the e-commerce platform
selling your products on the e-commerce platform

You should become a retailer on these platforms and sell your own products online. In this business, you have to invest a little money but you can sell more products and engage with more people.

You can reach out to other country’s peoples and grow your small business on the global level.

Around 50% of students and women in India are started their business on Amazon and Flipkart such platforms.

This is the best idea for women to start their home business.

Business Ideas for Women at Home


Freelancing is a self-employed person, who provides their best services on their expertise,

Freelancers usually make money on a per-task, They earn money on their working hours and they charge per hour.

Most of women want to earn money at home or without leaving their home and family. If you are a women or students and want to earn money by doing business, you should become freelancer.

You can do work whatever experience you have and earn money at home. Most the women work as a freelancer by content writing, profile creation, social media management.

designing, and more easy work. Here you can see content writer’s fees on Fiverr. You can make your freelancing account on Fiverr, Freelancer and Upwork.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn a passive income because it is business but here you have to sell other’s products not yours.

When you promote other people or compny’s product and make sell, you get pay commission. You get commission not get profit like a business.

This is best ideas for women in India to make their side income. most of women make their career in this field.

You need to increase your social media followers and connection because without social media you can not sell your affiliate products. Click here to read how to do affiliate marketing form Facebook.


Blogging is not bad idea to make them full time career.

You can earn money from blogging by Google Adsense and other ads platform.

Most affiliate marketer promote their products by social media and website. You should write content on what you want to promote then when any people buy products, you get money.

Ther are most of reason to make money by blogging are sponsorship, affiliate marketing, Adsense, and third pary ads.

Tip:- How to earn money from blogging

Tip:- How to get Fast Adsense Approval

Beauty Parlour: Best Business Ideas for Women in India

Present time beauty parlour is the best business idea if you want to start. Because every woman likes to do makeup and appear beautiful.

Most of the people do makeup in every little moment and celebration. So I will recommend starting your own beauty parlour.

Paid Webinar

Webinar means an online meeting where you can explain to anyone about any specific topic at online and from home.

Today most marketers use webinar to attract their customers for buying products. You should accept this strategy and explain your audience about your products ( Whatever your selling ).

You can use Zoom and Google meet. this tool is for online meeting or webinar. Where you can sell your product and do business at your home.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the processing of knowing, research, engaging and support, the people who create huge-impact conversations with your customers.

You can promote other’s products on social media because you can influence your audience by social media.

If you want to do influencer marketing, you should post quality content, images and videos so people can follow you.

This is no money business and you can do at your home. Only you should post great content for influence and attract your audience.

Online Coaching

Many women have a dream to become a teacher and now everything is online and students are learning on the internet and online.

So you should start online coaching and you should teach students on the internet.

This is same as paid webinar and you can use zoom for online coaching.

You can teach students from your home and you can reach out everywhere. Most of the Indian women coach foreigner students and earn in dollars.

Motivation Training

Today people are struggling more and they get fill lots of stress because of pressure of work, family’s life and other reasons.

So they need to perfect guidance and motivation. You should start to give motivation training.

You can start to give motivation training in your home, because in this training you don’t need to invest money and you can motivate all the people.

Instead, you can take fees from people and run your business.

Yoga Training

You can start to give yoga training from your home. This is same as motivation training.

Both are same, You should provide yoga tips, weight loss tips, and other health-related tips so people will pay you and you can earn money.

Homemade Products Selling

In last 10 business ideas, i said how you can start your business from your home and make your successful career.

If you have skill to make any products from your home, you should start your home business and sell your homemade products.

You can make children’s clothes, dresses, any crispy food like wafers, and whatever you can make.

This is the best home basis business.

Final Words about Business Ideas for Women in India

These are 20 business ideas for women in India. you can try any business idea, which I here included.

In the last line whatever you do business but without social media, you can not promote your products and engage with more customers.

You can use digital marketing strategies and take of your business online.

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