Which is Best Country for work & job in Digital Marketing

Which is Best Country to get Job in Digital Marketing

I guise now you are learning or want to do Digital Marketing. If you are students & want to make your career in digital marketing but you don’t know that What is the future & Which is the Best Country for work & get a job in digital marketing.

Now you are thinking about which country has the most demand and highly paid salary for Digital Marketer?

Don’t worry about your future. I will take your all digital marketing related questions in this post.

Most countries are needed for Digital marketers because of traditional marketing like magazine ads, radio ads, poster and wich more.

They are most costly for marketers, Owners are want to Digital &Online Marketing for their brands.

Digital Marketing is the most used way to promote your products and your brands in the world at a low cost.

So you can not take tension about Can I make bright of my future? Can I get a highly paid salary? Can I make the best career?

I will show you a few countries that have a high demand and best to get a job for Digital marketer.

  • Canada
  • India
  • United Status
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Ireland
  • Philippines
6 Best Country for work & get job in Digital Marketing


If you can make your career here, you can make it anywhere. In a city of over 8.5 million jobs,

There are a larger number of jobs available. Here Marketing managers make an average of $108,802 per year.

Interpublic Group, Omnicom Group, and Horizon Media. The awesome jobs, amazing culture & sights aplenty.

Canada is an incredibly expensive city to live in here.

The average salary of Digital marketing in Canada is C$50,102 per year.

I recommended Canada is the best country for making your career.

2. India

Yes, you see right India is trying to become the most powerful country in the world. India doesn’t want to stay back.

Social Media Marketing will bocome the most using and growing way for businessmen.

Our Indian people are spending their maximum of 3 hours on social media like Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn.

Fine India is not a bad country for making a successful career.

In India, maximum companies are giving salaries to their employee Rs 304,844 per year.

3. United Status

Most of the Marketers are born in the US. Many marketers become more growing businessman for doing Affiliate Marketing.

Yes, Affiliate marketing is the best way of earning Passive incomes at home without any investment.

The US is the third-highest paying salary and most required country for Digital marketers in the world.

Digital Marketing Specialist in the US gets a maximum salary of $47,855 per year. On the low, such professionals earn $35,123, which more to $63,780 for top digital marketing professionals.

4. Singapore

Singapore is a more growing country in the world. I recommend you to get a job and work in digital marketing.

Many people from India have a dream of going to Singapore and live there.

Digital Marketing Specialists in Singapore earn between S$38,780 and S$55,770 per year (USD 34450.94 –38348.35).

The variation in paying a salary is mostly based on marketers’ experience level, their industries, and company size.

5. Australia

Australia is the most require country to get a job in digital marketing. and highly paid a salary for them.

A Digital Marketing Specialist in Australia earns a maximum salary of AUD 82,167 (USD 62,444.52) per year.

The average hourly salary is AUD 43 (USD 32.92) per hour. It is 1.4 times higher from the Australian salary.

Apparently, Australia offers quite a lucrative salary, entry-level positions offer AUD 58,000 (USD 44,078.84),

Paying the experience of workers get to pay much AUD 114,000 (USD 86,397.7).

6. Ireland

Ireland pays Digital Marketing Specialists an average salary of them €35 000 (USD 40,185.55) per year.

This equates to an hourly salary of €20 (USD 23.66), It’s 2 times more than Ireland’s salary.

€26 000 (USD 29,643.9) is the typical start level salary, and €52 000 (USD 59,287.8) is the expected salary for the most experienced marketers and employees.


Digital Marketing is the highest paying job for you, It does not mean that you can do it easily.

I will tell you there is a lot of competition in the world.

If you do any mistake in the Digital Marketing field, You have to tolerate big loss.

Focus on your goal, learn Digital marketing and make your career successful in this field.

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