How to do Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Facebook in 2020

In this ultimate guide, I am going to show you how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook and how you can earn more money through affiliate marketing on Facebook.

I insure that after reading this guide you will definitely become an affiliate marketing superstar. And you can promote your affiliate products on Facebook or social media as well.

I will cover all the topics like

  • affiliate marketing basics
  • basics of affiliate marketing on Facebook
  • Organic or paid methods
  • Community building, and
  • Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most beneficial way of selling and promoting products for marketers and companies. And you can get ultimate passive income to start and promoting your affiliate products on Facebook.

You should know how to start affiliate marketing on Facebook. but first, learn basics.

Affiliate Marketing Basics

This topic is about affiliate marketing basics.

Especially, in this topic, I will explain to you affiliate marketing fundamentals and why is it important also for your business.

Let’s start and know basic of the affiliate marketing journey.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is not rocket science but in a simple way, when you promote and sell other people or companies’ products or services, you can get paid or commission.

If you want to start your online money making journey, you should try affiliate marketing. And make your better future in affiliate marketing.

In other words: when you make sales, you can get and earn a commission. And without Facebook, no one can make sales and earn. You should consider one thing is social media is a major factor for affiliate marketing.

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Why affiliate marketing is important

More and more companies want to grow their business in the world and beating their competitors.

Without selling their products and earn huge profits, they can not get success. Hence, they start their affiliate programs for more selling.

If you are students and want to start your own business and earn passive income as a student, you should start to promote your affiliate products. There are no limitations for any people, anyone like women, students, children, men, and old peoples can also do affiliate marketing.

If you have more social media followers and you are an influencer, that isn’t hard for you.

There are lots of opportunities for marketing and affiliate marketing, don’t worry about your future career, because your affiliates career is bright. Many people run their own business, also this helps you for spreading your services.

Those are basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing that all of you should know before start affiliate marketing.

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Why you need Facebook for affiliate marketing

Maybe you know that Facebook has more than 2 billion users in the world and daily around 1.37 billion active users come up on Facebook.

Therefore you can engage with more and more peoples in the world and you can make your and your compny’s branding through Facebook.

You need Facebook for affiliate marketing because you can target and retarget your specific audience. And you can only target them, who you want to. Many marketers use this ultimate strategy for selling their own products or services and aware of more peoples about them.

The biggest marketer’s said that Facebook is the most valuable factor for business and marketing. Without Facebook, you can not reach out and engage with people. If you promote your products at a low cost, Facebook will help you.

Not only Facebook but also other social media like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and recently launched TikTok will help you a lot in growing your business.

I hope you understood why you need Facebook for your business. Now let’s further.

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How to start affiliate marketing on Facebook

Now it’s time to understand how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

I already said that Facebook is most important for business and marketing and especially for affiliate marketing. Facebook can help you to increase your branding so you can influence your audience and you can sell your products with branding through Facebook.

Do you want to know which tips and strategies should you use for affiliate marketing on Facebook?

If yes, read more.

1. Make your attractive Facebook page and sell your affiliate products

If you have your own business or do affiliate marketing, you have to make your Facebook business page.

In the Facebook business page, you have to keep all of your business and your information like your business address, mobile number, business category, owner names. And you have to post attractive images and videos on your FB page.

Here you can see an example of an information business page.

Facebook business page
Facebook business page

Making business pages is very easy, and your business will get the most benefits via the FB business page.

You should post your products and business images or video on your business page. So more people will know about you they know what do you sell.

You can also put your affiliate products on your page so when people will purchase your affiliate products, you can get a commission.

Here you can see an example of products on how people use the Facebook business page for selling their products.

sell products on Facebook business page
sell products on the Facebook business page

I hope you understand the major benefits of having a Facebook business page am I right?

If you put better images of your products and keep consistency, people will definitely buy from you and you make money from affiliate marketing via Facebook.

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What is the difference between a personal account and Facebook business page

In the personal account page, you can not keep your business information such as, if you want people to know about you and your business, products, and services. You have to give them basic information like product price, your address, story, etc.

But you can not keep this basic information on your personal account. Hence, business requires a Facebook business page.

You can make a special page about your business and products then sell it to your customers.

So you can see the best benefits of Facebook for affiliate marketing.

2. Affiliate marketing on the Facebook group

Facebook is a platform, where you can build your community and groups to increase your network.

You can easily make your Facebook group account then you have to post your useful content or product images. So more people will connect with you and they connect with your community group.

Most successful marketers use this ultimate strategy to increase their brand and make their own community.

Now I described in-depth,

First, you should make your Facebook group account and find an attractive and useful name so people easily understand which information this group provides.

For example, if your business is about affiliate marketing, you should keep the best name such as affiliate marketers VIP, guide affiliate marketing. So who people interested in affiliate marketing, they will follow and connect with your group.

When you make lots of members, you can easily and organically promote your products or services and increase your brand.

Most marketers and bloggers accept these tips for increasing their traffic. It is the most beneficial way for your business and affiliate marketers.

Then you should post images and content of your products and if any member like your products and want to purchase, you can sell your products without investment via Facebook.

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3. Facebook paid ads for start affiliate marketing on Facebook

Facebook ad is the way to reach out to more people in the world and increase your brand value, product awareness with low investment.

When you are a newbie in the marketing field so you can not sell your products in an organic way yet you want to earn money, you have to pay in starting.

In an organic way, you have to do hard work and spend more your time but in the paid way you can reach out to more people and sell anything at a low cost.

Facebook ads are most important for marketing and selling any products. Through Facebook ads, you can bring leads, get traffic on your site, increase your business awareness. And promote any of your products at low cost and investment.

Not only you have to pay but you can get ROI ( return of investment ) for reinvestment in Facebook ads. That’s why most business and affiliate marketers use this method.

With Facebook ads, you can get targeting options where you can target any customers according to your products category.

For example, if you are promoting any software product, you have to choose those people who are working in the IT field or who are interested in software.

You can also target your customers as location-wise such as if you are running any institute, you have to choose students and those, who are living near your institute.

If you want, you can start affiliate marketing with Facebook ads to make sales and earn money.

4. Creat videos for review on Facebook

Sometimes, people don’t want to read big and long articles to know about product reviews. So you should make a perfect review and full of the tutorial of any particular product and then post it on Facebook.

According to Facebook ads experts, Around 75% of people convert easily into customers after watching any video on product’s quick review.

Most affiliates make a video with a full tutorial on any affiliate product and then post in the group then make sales and earn a commission.

Quick video review is the best strategy to start affiliate marketing on Facebook because you can influence more people and easily people convert and they get full satisfaction.

You can create your complete images and video gallery from your Facebook page. It means whatever you do but the Facebook business page is required for you.


My responsibility is to guide you in the right way and now I completed it. And now is your turn this time is a start your affiliate marketing.

These are some tips that you can easily start your affiliate marketing and grow your business with Facebook. These strategies are very effective and I hope it will help you as well.

You understood how Facebook helps you and Not only Facebook but other social media also can help you and these tips will help you there.

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FAQs for start affiliate marketing on Facebook

Can I use Facebook for affiliate marketing

Yes, you can use Facebook for affiliate marketing. You can copy your affiliate link then paste it on your Facebook personal account or Facebook business page.

But you can not use Facebook ads to promote affiliate links instead you should use FB ads to promote your particular post.

How do Amazon affiliates make money on Facebook?

First amazon affiliates make a complete tutorial video on those products which they want to promote.

Then post a video on Facebook and give links in the comment box or heading section so people will click on the link and buy then amazon affiliates earn a commission.

What are the best affiliate programs

There are most of the affiliate programs are available in the world but I will recommend you should promote software products so you can earn high commission.

Here you can read the best affiliate programs in India.

Can women start affiliate marketing

Yes, women also start affiliate marketing because affiliate marketing helps you to earn passive income without investment.

Anyone women, students, and old people also do. If you want to do business, in this article you will know the best business ideas for women.

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